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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Mark Biltz?

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 Mark Biltz?

Any thoughts on this man's teachings...specifically his eschatology and method of interpretation of the same?

I am not asking for any thoughts on the man's sincerity or the man himself. But rather whether his teachings would classify him as a false teacher to be avoided and to warn others not to listen to.

A 2008 video(if you search the web for it I think you could find it)of an interview by J.R. Church with him had this exchange between the two men:

J. R. Church: This we are going to see in 2015 on the first day of the first month and again on the first day of the seventh month

Mark Biltz: Exactly

Church: which is the Jewish New Year; and that concludes, it is Tishri 1 that concludes the Sabbatical year

Biltz: yes

Church: wow

Biltz: yes

Church: it's time for the Messiah to show up, right?

Biltz: yes!

Then there were these words in an article he wrote shortly after the interview in his own defense:

"From reading some of the blogs, I find people are really misunderstanding what I said and what I am trying to say. It may be because of different definitions of terms. First off, concerning the rapture, never do I mention the word.
When I talk about the second coming I am not referring to the rapture but to Messiah’s feet landing on the Mt of Olives in Zech 14. I am not setting dates for the rapture. The only dates I am giving is the dates NASA gives us for
eclipses and the dates God gives us on His calendar and then I bring in the connection. You can do whatever you
want according to your own theology with this information. With much humor I say, “Put it in your own theological pipe and smoke it however you want.”

I did say, and again say, IF these eclipses in 2015 are what the Lord was referring to, then 2015 would look like a
possible year for His feet to land on the Mt of Olives. And, IF this is true then the tribulation could, not would, start this fall[2008]at the Feast of Trumpets, (which technically is 2 days long: KJV Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only). In light of all the prophetic events going on,I would say it is likely but I’m not saying definitely. As far as the rapture, if you’re pretrib then 2008 could be interesting, if you’re midtrib, 2012 could be interesting, if you’re prewrath then 2014 might be interesting, if you’re a posttribber then 2015 might be interesting and if you’re amillennial just sit back and watch the show!" - Pastor Mark Biltz

Was he mis-understood by some as he claims or was it clear what he meant by what he said?

Thoughts welcomed and appreciated...thanks in advance!

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Joined: 2008/10/30
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 Re: Mark Biltz?

Has anyone looked into the claims of this man Mark Biltz in regard to his eschatological views?

If so,please share your comments on the findings of your research.

If you've not looked into this,please do not comment on it.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation

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I heard him preach once he is very popular among bloggers here in Sweden.
He was speaking about signs on the moon, jewish easter etc.
kinda intressting he said something would happen year 2008 and it did the stock markets fell like crazy during a jewish holiday. and he showed that next special moon thing is going to happen year 2014/2015 4 times. something will happen then he said. Not really so intresting to me since the focus is the gospel not signs in the moon.
usally the old fashioned and reformed preachers
where Amillennialist and not dispensational.

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