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 Re: So lost and thirsty.

"I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this kind of season,"

Yes indeed so, the children of God were led to that place in the wilderness in Exodus and many since have testified to being brought there - to the day of testing in the desert Hebrews 3:8. The temptation is to harden ones heart when the weariness goes on and God no longer seems to be there and to stop hearing Him speak His directions to the promised land where they would enter His rest and find the peace and joy which is promised to those who go on to holiness. The temptation is to cease seeking the Lord with the whole heart and to no longer long for Him and His presence and to settle down in the place of wandering but that means death - spiritual death. Many fall in this place and do not go on to the place of blessing and fruitfulness.

Despite the despondency, the way forward is to decide that God will fulfill His promise and however hard the road, one will set ones face like flint towards Jerusalem and wait on Him who will come, do not doubt it He will come and bring healing in His wings. Read the testimonies of those who came through in the end and entered His rest.

I spent a long time in the wilderness myself and the time would have been much shorter had I been shown the way. Read Hebrews very carefully as it is about this rest reserve4d for the people of God who will accept the cross. Blessings to you.


 2011/3/16 18:19

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