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 Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell

Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell: Putting the Pastor in Context
He's not the first to try to resolve old biblical tensions in new ways.
Mark Galli | posted 3/02/2011 11:19AM

"If your God is perfect and all powerful and loving, then why does he not give everyone on this earth a fair chance to know him and accept him? An example of this is a kid in Iran born into a Muslim extremist family and taught that Islam is the one true religion and that Christianity is a lie. These kids do not get a fair chance at knowing God, and they go to hell and suffer for it eternally. That is extremely unfair, and if that is the case, God is not perfect but cruel". (Rob Bell)
This recent letter to Christianity Today suggests some of the issues at the heart of this week's blogosphere explosion over Rob Bell's new book, Love Wins.

In case you've been living in a cave without Wi-Fi, one popular blogger who read a couple of advance chapters of Bell's latest book, announced that Bell was probably a universalist. This set Twitter on fire with both speculation and condemnation. One famous Reformed theologian simply tweeted, "Farewell, Rob Bell." One does not imagine that he had kicked Bell out of the Reformed theology club. Bell hasn't been considered a member in good standing for some time. Now, the tweet implies, Bell is no longer evangelical, or orthodox, or maybe even Christian.

 2011/3/5 14:52

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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell

Rob bell has been known to be complelty of the wall for quite some time, it is so sad that the church has to wake up to such blatant heresy but the problem is with our generation is that you can show people what rob bell says and they say you have taken him out of context or some other excuse!

To me I think it was seven years when he was making blatant statements against evangelists! I wish I could find the quotes. This was before people like Roger Oakland and others, had done anything on the Emergent Church movement!

2 Timothy 3:9 KJV
But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

What does it take before people will wake up to say this person is off the wall! Does it take sexual sin but even in our culture that is normal now as many famous Christians just simply marry again and get on with there life!
What does it take for People to wake up when deception runs are way!

Some times I have shown People things and they say this is taken out of context or you should listen to there sermons more!

How many People like Rob Bell are still underneath are noses I can think of a few!

Dominic Shiells

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If people could not tell something was amok after reading his book "Velvet Elvis" then I would question that person's discernment.

Rob Bell is a wolf in the worst way.


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 Re: Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell

Should that be Bell, or Bel?

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