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Came in my email - God is being Glorified!


One of our readers, Nancy, wrote to me this week from Christchurch,the scene of the recent horrific earthquake, which has tragically affected so many lives. Here is what she wrote-

"Well Andrew, today in Christchurch many churches were forced out into the open to praise and worship God, and many people came along who would not normally go to church. There will also be more sense of unity as the churches that are not damaged are being opened up for other churches to use for services and for funerals. Prayer meetings are being organised for this week coming,
to pray for the city.

"After reading Jenny Bolton's prophecy on your website it gave me hope that God is going to move in Christchurch if we humble ourselves and pray. Please continue to pray for us. There are many broken people who need the Lord."

Fox News described what happened this past weekend-
"Parishioners came together Sunday in parks and on the lawns of churches broken in New Zealand's earthquake to pray for the dead and missing. They sought togetherness and an answer to the question on everyone's mind: Why?"

The AP News story continued: "The churches that dot the city felt some of the worst of the temblor's wrath. Spires toppled, stained glass windows exploded, walls cracked and masonry fell... Outdoor services also were held at other churches and at a library, where attendees arrived on bicycle or on foot and sat in folding chairs..."

As we wrote last year after the first quake, Christchurch has some of the most powerful prophecies of "Revival" of any city in New Zealand. It also has prophecies of a move of God in the "open air". Perhaps God is on the move in this tragedy in ways that we can only faintly grasp. All we can do is pray for a great move of His Spirit to bring true unity, love, hunger, truth and prayer back to a broken and desperate people. We hope and pray that it happens. Our love and prayers are with you all in that city.

God be with you,

Andrew Strom.

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