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 Bible Study Fellowship

Hi Saints,

I am a happy man tonight. Tonight is the last night I have to attend Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I came into this experience very skeptical because of the people I had known from it that were constantly trying to get me to join. I discovered that the Lord has led His Saints to be in the midst of what I feel are mostly unregenerate or nominal people. I believe that BSF is a mission field full of men and women that have been fed an incomplete Gospel but within the confines of the study, it is possible to bear witness to the Truth in grace and love.

I have been part of BSF for two and half years and during that time I had the honor of having some beautiful godly men in my discussion groups. This was especially beneficial because those who are know the Truth are also the ones who are often the most to share the Life they possess.

If the Lord leads you to be a part of BSF, do not fear. The Lord is with you. Be strong and courageous, the Spirit of the Lord will give strength. Amen.

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Joined: 2009/11/7
Posts: 1481


Greetings brethren,

I am adding this as a separate post because this is related to the original post, it should be considered separately.

During the lecture period this evening, I was amazed. Our lecturer was talking about the prophecy against Babylon and made the connection to the USA. At this point the Spirit confirmed to me the reason for my leaving, that I was brought to become part of this local BSF group until it had matured to recognize this truth. God can call us to dead places and play minor roles that may seem invisible to us through His speaking through us can utterly change the character of it.

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