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 Save the Drama for your Mama

Save the Drama for your Mama


Jimmy Humphrey

Do you know people with a lot of “drama” going on in their life? People whose lives would qualify them for an one hour long special on Jerry Springer? Or, instead of talking about “those people,” let’s talk about you and the drama going on in your life.

As I ponder this thing called drama, I can’t help but think of the theatrical nature of it all. Perhaps that is why we call it “drama.” Theater is never about boring people who do boring things. Such would never sell tickets, as it would cease to capture our attention and entertain. Instead, there is always a juicy story of some sort that ultimately involves people whose lives are a bit out of control. There is always an element of instability interjected into any good story. And this same instability that makes for a good story on stage, I can’t help but notice the way it also manages to not only creep up into our lives, but indeed, is often invited by us into our very lives.

As being one of the many sons of Adam, bad, disastrous, sinful, and outright wicked decisions are often ours in abundance. Drama dominates our lives. And not simply the kind of drama that “happens” to us, and makes us mere victims. But the kind of drama we invite into our lives as we make deliberate and willfully sinful decisions. And the end therein has always and will always be death.

But why do we invite such instability into our lives? Why the drama? Yes, in part it is the nature of a fallen and unredeemed humanity. We are born sinners and by nature act as sinners. We welcome the drama because that is what sinners do. But such goes beyond merely making the decision to sin because we are sinners. Rather, such drama is ours in abundance because we refuse to build our lives on the rock solid foundation of Jesus Christ.

In the “Sermon on the Mount,” in Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus said that everybody who hears His words and acts upon them can be compared to man who built his house upon a rock. And when the troubles of this life came his way, because he was grounded in something rock solid and stable, his house was able to stand. But for the man who did not act on the words of Christ, such a man could be compared to somebody who built their house on sand. And when the troubles of life came this mans way, the instability and shifting nature of sand caused the house he had built to collapse. In other words, the first man did not invite drama into his life because he built his life upon Christ. Whereas the second man invited drama into his life, because he did not build his life upon Christ.

So, will you continue to invite drama into your life, as you continue to do things according to your own way of thinking? Or will you invite the stability that can come into your life through building your life on another way of thinking? Will you build your house on sand, or will you build your house on a rock?

I would urge you, save the drama for your mama. Build your life upon the rock of Christ.

Jimmy H

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