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 Rock the River?

Thank you mrjesse for your post on David Wilkerson on Christian Music. This inspired me to place this new post.
By the way, welcome to this forum.

Billy Graham Crusades used to sweep thousands into the Kingdom of God in past decades. There were real conversions, though his widespread use of the "Sinners Prayer" led many into shallow or even false conversions.

Now his son Franklin promotes these Rock Concerts in many cities in the US, Canada and further abroad.

I used to go to Rock concerts and get stoned before I was safed. I cannot stand them anymore.

My Spirit is grieved when I hear rock music thundering from the stage and kids getting excited - all in the name of God. Guitar heroes produce their sound magic and whip the audience into a frenzy, but does God really show up there? I have nothing against contemporary Christian music, as long as it is scriptural and facilitates worship rather than replacing it.

I can anticipate that some here will say, stop passing judgement, God can use whatever means and he is much more interested in saving people than the presentation.

The question is always, who gets the honor? Music is a powerful tool, and Satan is a cunning master of it. You can mention Christ in music but act in the opposite spirit, making a mockery of true worship. Music cannot substitute for the REAL excitement of a sinner who has found peace with God.

My unsaved grandmother would have fainted if she had seen a Christian Rock concert.

Where is the offense of the cross? Where is the conviction of sin, righteousness and judgement? I would not allow my kids to go there.

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Joined: 2005/1/9
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 Re: Rock the River?

Sorry Guys, I only wanted to post this once. Could the moderators please kindly remove the duplicate posts.

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Removed the duplicate posts 2/26/11 8:09 CST.

Robert Wurtz II

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