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 David Wilkerson on Christian music

This link takes you to an article written by David Wilkerson.

Below is Jimmy Swaggarts response to the event David Wilkerson is talking about -



"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils" [1 Tim. 4:1]


Some time back, Dave called our office and, since I was out, spoke to Donnie. The following is an account of an incident he experienced, as he described it to Donnie (and as best as I can recount it)

A well know religious rock singer asked for an audience with Dave as there was going to be a "Jesus Festival" in Dave's city that evening. He met with this singer and, over a period of several hours, they discussed in-depth, the whole religious rock-and-roll scene.

In the course of their discussion, the rocker said, "I have been to see Jimmy Swaggart, and have invited him to my concerts, but he won't come. If YOU will come, however, I'm sure you will see how the Spirit of the Lord is working through these festivals."

Dave told Donnie. "The Lord has tried to speak to these people a number of times, and your dad is among those who have taken a firm stand of the fallacy of this whole "Christian" rock and roll business. And now God has spoken to my heart and said, "If they do not get out of this rock-and roll scene, they're going to get back into drugs and lose their souls"

"Then He said, They're going to be held accountable for their actions, and that's bad enough within itself, but tragically, hundreds of thousands of young people are being influenced by what they're doing. And if even greater import is the blame that must be placed upon today's spiritual leaders - the pastors and church officials - who have placed their seal of approval on this force that masquerades as being from God - while it is actually from Satan.


That night, David Wilkerson attended the concert. He arrived shortly after the introductions were made and stood unobtrusively among the crowd at the back of the grounds. It was a "festival" format, with no seating, and approximately 3,000 young people either stood or lounged on the ground. Few of these youngsters would have recognized David Wilkerson, so he blended anonymously into the crowd.

The singer stopped the music and, for a few minutes, testified to his purported "work for the Lord". When he concluded his "testimony" he made a reference to the Lord's coming and shouted "Lets rock!" (or something to that effect).

At this point, hard-core religious rock music blared from the amplifiers, and 3,000 youngsters started "dancing", their bodies writhing in contortion to the rhythm of the music.

Brother Wilkerson told Donnie that as he was standing there observing this scene, he suddenly came under the power of God, and fell to his knees. God then gave him a vision.

He saw the platform upon which the musicians were playing. And then he saw thousands of demon spirits rising up out of the platform and floating out over the audience where they attached themselves to many of the dancing young people. Then he saw the leering face of Satan rising up in their midst, laughing convulsively. "They think they're praising God," he said, "but actually they are praising me".

Dave jumped to his feet and began running through the crowd, shouting "Ichabod Ichabod" (Translated, this means "the glory has departed")

Bother Wilkerson was shouting at the crowd to repent, but there was such pandemonium that only a handful recognized his motive. A few who did understand dropped to their knees and began weeping. Dave then tried to climb onto the platform to warn the musicians (and the rock singer with whom he had spoken), but the press of the crowd made it impossible.

The sponsors of the concert were off to one side. Dave called them into a room, told them what God had shown he, and then left.

When Donnie related this to me, I felt a cold chill pass over my body.


For the past few months, the Lord has been dealing strongly with me about the frightening scene David Wilkerson saw unfolding that evening. Many Christians believe they are following harmless fads or "charismatic" preachers, when in truth, they are at times being led by demonic spirits. This is a numbing concept, but it overwhelmed me as Donnie recounted Dave's vision. And I could picture the scene in my mind as vividly as if I had been there. What we are discussing here are not harmless fads, or innocuous theories, doctrines, or creeds. We are talking about spiritual death - Christians consorting with demon spirits and inviting them into their lives.


There are some very important facts in play here that Christians need to realize. All the trappings of God's work are there: churches, preachers, and Bibles. There's even singing and praising the Lord. But if we could pull aside the posturing and expose the true spiritual underpinnings, we wouldn't see song services, Bibles, or churches. What we WOULD see would make us gasp in terror and revulsion.............

During the great tribulation period, the false prophet (also referred to as "another beast") will accompany the antichrist. He is described as having two horns, which signifies power. And then it says " a lamb"

This strange combination of having horns and speaking as a dragon - combined with the appearance of a Lamb - is a startling revelation. But the meaning is really quite simple. This false prophet will have the power to speak for Satan, but he will APPEAR AS A LAMB! Jesus Christ is, of course, characterized in a number of places in the Word as "the lamb of God".

So what does it mean? That this false lamb will have the power to deceive many who dwell upon the earth (verse 14), because he LOOKS like God and ACTS like God.

This deception has perhaps been with us right from the beginning, but it has certainly intensified in the past few years. And I am confident, although I say it with great sadness, that it will continue to increase in intensity and effectiveness.....

We were meeting some time back with several preachers. I had taken the time to attend this meeting... At the opening of the session, the offended brother stated (addressing himself to me) "My church has fallen considerable in attendance and financial support over the past year - and it is your fault"....

The offended brother said "my people listen to Jimmy Swaggart on television, and he is promoting attitudes contrary to those we take in my ministry. Some of our people have left the church"

What he was referring to primarily was religious rock-and roll music - although there were other elements as well. His church happens to own a Christian (Christian?) radio station which is heavily committed to the hardest type of religious rock. We have, of course, on our telecasts, repeatedly taken a stand against this music, and readers of THE EVANGELIST will recall that we have spoken out against it in print on more than one occasion.

The reason I was so affected as Donnie told me of Dave's vision was that the Spirit of God was similarly stressing this situation to me.

Even though religious rock-and roll music comes camouflaged as a means of "drawing young people to the Lord Jesus Christ (which it does not do) when you pull back the covers, you will find it to be a doctrine of devils....

Millions of Pentecostals believe that anyone who praises the Lord, speaks in tongues, and exhibits what is today accepted as the "gifts of the Spirit" is "of God". Such are blindly followed no matter what devious paths they might promote. They never "try the spirits", and they obviously do not realize that Satan is an expert at parroting the things of the Lord. They are unaware that Satan is the ultimate expert in the religious area.

As a result, many are found in the position of those thousands of teenagers (from Pentecostal, Charismatic, Nazarene,and Baptist homes) who attended the "Christian" rock festival described earlier. Demon spirits came out of the platform and attached themselves to those young people How would these youngsters have described themselves? I'm sure most would have said, in all sincerity, "I'm a good Christian".

And all of this in the name of God. It was promoted by a well-known youth missions group. The performers bill themselves (apparently sincerely) as "Christian". The young people attending were by and large from good Christian churches and good Christian homes. The name of God and the Lord Jesus Christ were frequently invoked. But Satan said, "They think they're praising God when they're actually praising me"

As we said, if the curtains could be drawn aside and the true nature seen, we would realize that many people will be worshiping Satan in their church this Sunday!

"And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet" [Rev. 16:13]

Picture this; On an average Sunday morning, you would see many preachers preaching with a Bible open before them. They would make frequent reference to the Lord Jesus Christ. But, in reality, "unclean spirits would be coming out of their mouths".

People in the congregation would raise their hands and worship one they THINK is God - but who, in reality, would they be worshiping? I am convinced that this is happening all over our land, and I'm heartsick at the thought of it.....

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 Re: David Wilkerson on Christian music

Tonight I joined in with some singing that I now know that I should not have. When peoples bottom ends start bouncing to the beat of the drums there is a PROBLEM with the music. Joining in with those that produce such music is putting oneself in agreement with that which they are producing.

A few years back the LORD showed me that if I joined in with unholy singing, I would be worshiping the devil - and that is exactly how it feels when I am standing in the midst of such music - even when I do not join in.

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