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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Obama oversteps his constitutional authority, won't defend marriage

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 Obama oversteps his constitutional authority, won't defend marriage

 2011/2/24 15:05

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 Re: Obama oversteps his constitutional authority, won't defend marriage

It's so much easier to go down stream than to paddle upstream. Not too many want to do the right. God will judge.


 2011/2/24 15:07Profile


let us keep praying, we will cry out God for mercy !

if our prayers do not give up, God will not forsake us.

May God intervene our situation, May God uphold His Law of marriage (a man and awoman) in our country.

May God remove the evil leaders and rise up godly man to be the leader in our country.

as Sister Gwen Shaw in other post, she said that if is our turn to pray and watch in the final days.

 2011/2/24 15:27

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I don't blame him, there are no more Teddy Roosevelts in this Country, only self agenda politicians, I personally feel we need to let the States deal with this, just like they are beginning to deal with immigration and making progress.

Some commentator spoke on the news a few days ago about the President commenting on the labor issues in Wisconsin and the soon to be labor issues in other states. Apparently obama supports the strikers.

This commentator stated that obama should be tried for treason in that he has no right, duty or anything else as President to interfere or inject his opinion or power in this local state fight.

The guy made a really good argument. And it sure makes sense. He said obama is not paying attention to his duties or the Constitution at that is new.


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