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 Fuller Seminary Graduate on Yacht Hijacked by Somali Pirates

A Fuller Theological Seminary graduate is among the Americans on the small yacht hijacked by Somali pirates on Friday.

Scott Adams, who obtained a master of theology degree from Fuller in 2010, his wife, Jean, and two other Americans – Phyllis Mackay and Robert A. Riggle – were off the coast of Somalia when pirates took their yacht captive.

Fuller Seminary posted a message on its homepage Monday calling for urgent prayers for alumnus Scott Adams, who also earned a master of divinity degree from Fuller in 2002, and the other three Americans on the sailboat.

“Adam … is a beloved friend of the seminary. We ask that all members and friends of the Fuller community keep Scott, his wife, and their two accompanying friends in their thoughts and prayers,” read the news post.

Scott and Jean Adams are retired and have been sailing around the world for the past six years on their yacht named S/V Quest. The couple was on a worldwide trip to distribute Bibles.

On the couples website, Jean Adams wrote, “Another aspect of our travels is friendship evangelism – that is, finding homes for thousands of Bibles, which have been donated through grants and gifts, as we travel from place to place.”

The couple wrote on their website their 2011 trip plans, which began in Phuket, an island off of Thailand, and would end in Crete in April. In between the couple would stop in Sri Lanka, India, Oman, Djibouti, among other places.

After Crete, the couple had planned to also travel to Turkey and London.

The U.S. government is said to be currently involved in securing the release of the four Americans from the Somali pirates.

Doug R

 2011/2/22 11:21Profile

 Re: Fuller Seminary Graduate on Yacht Hijacked by Somali Pirates

Pray for their families and loved ones and let them know LORD that they are in a Place where there's No Desire to return From - Safely Home with The King of Glory and His Saints.

My heartfelt empathy for those who knew them, but must wait yet a little while to see them again. Amen.

 2011/2/22 12:12


Years ago, in a prophetic experience with the Lord, I was taken to a meeting, where-in there was a small group, perhaps 40 or so, crowded around and staring somberly in the center.

In the center of the group, I watched as a smaller group waited in great fear and sobriety. I knew that they were American Christians, and had been called to GO. They were waiting to step on this little wooden skid, similar to the one used by Fork-Lifts to stack boxes.

They were so somber, and yet resolved,and they all stepped aboard. Instantly, I watched as this little skid was taken away to a foreign land, and watched as they were butchered, bloodily slain.

The skid then was washed off by a fountain of sorts; washed clean. Then, it returned right back into the same spot in this meeting. Then, another group stepped up, with the same fearful sobriety, and they stepped aboard that same platform, and then the same thing happened to them; ..they were bloodily murdered.

This happened over and over, and then a musical group got aboard, and they too were slain, and I heard the Word of the Lord audibly over my right shoulder"...THE AMERICAN BAND OF MARTYRS!"

This was a part of a larger vision, that was about the manifestation of true Apostolic ministry in America. When we see the American band of Martyrs, we will see the Apostles in America with great authority and grace.

I thought of this when I heard the news of these American Martyrs.

 2011/2/22 12:42

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