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 The President of The World

Will be on in two minutes -

“President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon.”

The special will air Monday on MSNBC, February 21, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

 2011/2/21 21:58

 Re: The President of The World

If you missed the broadcast posted above, those of us who did see it were not shocked, but definitely felt the strength of the message.
Reading the White House page on past presidents, I was amazed though at the acclaim he received as part of National History.

Having followed his tracks since 1991, the News on what he's been doing since he left the White House would fill a 30 pg thread.

Before he left office, he was said to have coveted the position of Sec Gen of the UN. Instead, in 2005 the NYTimes ran two stories - one against the UN and one basically stating - 'Look out UN, here comes Clinton's Global Initiative'.

The story read from CGI in '05 was that his Org would over-ride the UN if necessary. Knowing the membership of CGI, that doesn't seem so implausible.

[CGI's] Annual Meeting - Next week, with dates over-lapping the UN's Annual General Assembly Meetings in Manhattan - as has been the case since the foundation of CGI, in order for attendees to be at both meetings.
The Israel/Palestine issue to be a main topic next week.
But during his presidency, he changed a tad of policy for his wife to take the position she now holds.
Her recent statement about the PA/Israel two-state-solution was that it won't be resolved during the UN meetings, but through talks/negotiations after next week. It's no secret that when she speaks, she's speaking for him and CGI.

Oslo accord - Sept 13, 1993 -

Sept 13th, 2011 - Announcing Another Celebration - seemingly trivial yet 'dates' have always mattered to those in high positions. September 11th is also mentioned in the Oslo link above.

Just another News story, yet Israel's fate fits into it, somewhere - somehow - and praying for Jerusalem is still in His Word.

 2011/9/17 17:31

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Thanks for sharing this. I too pray for Israel, but the Bible has a lot to say about what is and will be going in Israel in these last days.

Today I was speaking with an Orthodox Jewish Doctor, a friend of mine, and we both agreed President O'Bama is a very terrible President, and I said 'it is unbelievable that he was elected President at all, that I could only think of only one reason why O'Bama was elected as President', and the Rabbi said to me: 'God', and I said 'exactly.'.

Arthur Biele

 2011/9/19 22:04Profile

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