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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : 1 yr old son has an ear infection

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 1 yr old son has an ear infection

Hey guys! Can you please pray for my son Aiden James for he has an ear infection. His doctor gave him medication and I'm hoping that will prevent our son from getting ear surgery. It's in his right ear by the way. Thanks!

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 Re: 1 yr old son has an ear infection

I had ear infections since I was a small child and well I suppose as severe as it comes.Firstly they can be extremely painful especially before the start oozing liquid.
For me it was threated usually with antibiotics and ear drops.
Also one thing try to keep your child from poking his finger in as he could get skin complaint in his ear canal from his hands ie dermatitis and this is not really treatable as far as I know.
By operation I assume its gromets.
Of course I will pray for healing because I know how horrible it is not least the impaired hearing while you are waiting for it to clear up,
So In Jesus name I pray for a healing for your sons right ear,Amen

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 Re: 1 yr old son has an ear infection

Father, you don't require words that are so long to get your attention, you require faith and a simple word will suffice. Therefore, Lord I command this infection to leave little Aiden's right ear in Jesus name.

I pray that everyone that reads this will place their hand on their screen and agree. Amen.

 2011/2/20 22:11

 Re: 1 yr old son has an ear infection

Praying Mercy for your child, beatenpath. Jesus loves children - He doesn't lie.
We don't let the enemy of our souls to tell us otherwise - despite what we see in this world.
LORD Bless Aiden.

 2011/2/20 23:05

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