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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : South Korea to restrict Christian missionaries in Islamic nations

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 South Korea to restrict Christian missionaries in Islamic nations

The South Korean government has been trying to deal with the growing dangers of Christians working as missionaries in Islamic nations, especially after a young missionary was kidnapped and killed by insurgents in Iraq in 2004.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry announced that new laws will forbid passports for people who have been punished or banished from a foreign state for conducting illegal activities there. Under the revision, a wrongdoer will not be issued with a passport for one-three years depending on the gravity of the offense and the penalty, the ministry said.

"The government wants to control missionary activities overseas," an elder at a Presbyterian Church in Seoul said, asking not to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue. ...

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 2011/2/17 15:40Profile

 Re: South Korea to restrict Christian missionaries in Islamic nations

thats terrible news. South Korea is the 2nd largest nation in the numbers of missionaries sent out, just a close second behind the US. 10,000 plus.

my spirit tells me that something is going here, in the spiritual warfare realm.

We know the rubric within the islamic 10/40 countries. We know how they regard us, and by us, i mean Westerner's.

then you have the Korean's, and i dont know if you've hung out with , fellowshipped, prayed with Koreans, but i'll tell you, when God the Holy Ghost rings a Korean saint's "bell", they are on fire for Jesus with a capital F.

per capita, this tiny nation, South Korea sends out more missionaries than anybody, right? The nation experiences many many souls brought to Christ since the Pyongyang revival of 1907. after WW2, after the Korean War, started by the communists, the nation of South Korea grows into a propersous economic powerhouse, a vibrant praying Church, missionaries all on fire to go to the ends of the earth preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but......

......the other half of Korea is brainwashed, into believeing the Kims are ACTUAL deities. the other half of Korea is starving, not only for bread, but the Bread of Life.....AND poor as North Korea is, they supposedly have developed nuclear weapons. (though my read is that actually have failed to configure a weapon that WORKS...i have my reasoning for writing this)

my heart grieves, because if one ever has the chance to get into a Korean prayer meeting....go. Because you see such a Love, such a Passion for Jesus, the weeping and crying out for Him will take your breath away, and it is NOT COOKED UP.

in conclusion, who do you think the North Koreans do weapons business with? forgetting the Peoples Republic of China for a second......the islamic 10/40 nations.....

this news is just terrible, my only encouragement lays in the fact, that Korean saints will go anyway, May God bless and protect them..amen.

 2011/2/17 19:53

 Re: South Korea to restrict Christian missionaries in Islamic nations

political power will never stop the work of GOD,

kingdom of God will prevail ! this is one of the most critical and serious times for Believers across the Middle East. let us pray for them !

devil's purposes is to stop the new missionary movements taking place across the face of the earth. new missionary movements(such as back to Jerusalem movement and (more )name unknown ...) , it is set by God , it will be fulfilled triumphly by God.

Those missionary martyrs are called by God,
those underground persecuted church christians missionaries (no matter chinese,korean, whatever.... christians will go into Islamic nations to preach gospel no matter what happen !

 2011/2/19 19:07

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