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 The Spiritual Wickedness of britain increases

I just read today that paedophiles will be allowed to request that their names be removed from sex offenders list as it violates their human rights. How wicked have we become when we start to pass laws that make it easier for sex offenders to harm innocent children. May the lords mercy be with all our families in this wicked world

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 Re: The Spiritual Wickedness of britain increases

(edit: I'm in America and speaking of American laws) Was that on a reliable news source? Because that just doesn't sound right. They should lose ALL their rights when they molest a child.

Now, I do think that there should be classes or degrees of sexual offenders. Example: A girl's parents have her boyfriend arrested and they eventually get married. (I do not want to argue the rightness or wrongness of the example!!)

I'm only trying to say that by today's standards, that kind of example on the sex registry is not listed any differently than a serial pedophile. Felony's have classes; I think so should sex offenses. That's all I'm trying to say; I'm sorry if it's off topic.

Back to losing all their rights; what should happen to them if they convert and get saved? Just thinking again.

God bless,


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