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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Compromise, Double Mindedness, Lukewarm Faith

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 Compromise, Double Mindedness, Lukewarm Faith

Can anyone recommend any articles, sermons, scripture on SI that discusses the sin of being double minded?


a Jesus freak

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 Re: Compromise, Double Mindedness, Lukewarm Faith

Two penetrating items:

Sins of Laodicea (Video) by Leonard Ravenhill

Gold Tried in the Fire by Carter Conlon

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: Compromise, Double Mindedness, Lukewarm Faith

Hi Doug. I remember talking about this a little bit on another thread. This is something I have studied extensively. Here are some things I said on the other thread.

Re: Lukewarm Christianity
"Lukewarmness is created by a mixture of hot and cold. In other words, doublemindedness, or having one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. Jesus said, you cannot serve two masters. You will either love one and despise the other, or you will despise one and love the other. He said, you are either for me or against me. I pray almost daily that God would forgive my doublemindedness and heal my mind. I ask him to teach me how to be single minded. In another place, the Bible says, if your eye is single, then your whole body is full of light. A single eye is the same as a single mind. We must be diligent about dethroning every idol in our lives. That takes some extreme self-honesty. The bottom line is honestly looking at your thoughts and intents of the heart and seeing where you are not in agreement with God. Agreement with God is the key to maintaining devotion to God."

Double mindedness is a stronghold. It is not established in an individual overnight. It is like an addiction. Once it has a hold on you, it is not easily broken. It is caused by the sin of selfishness. It leads to our continual turning away from God to "worship" at some other altar. Therefore, the bottom line sin, to me, is idolatry. This is the sin that must be repented of in order for the stronghold to be broken. For me, the idol I was worshipping was me! I was my own God. This caused me to waffle during times when I really didn't need God's help, but you should have seen me scramble when I got into trouble. Only thing is, because of my double-mindedness, I was barren. I prayed panic prayers, and I always lived in fear that, this time, God wasn't going to receive me back. It wasn't until God led me into a time of deep repentance that I began to be healed. Now, I never feel that fear or confusion anymore. God has healed me and restored my soul. I am very watchful of my thoughts to beware lest I enter back into that double-mindedness again.

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