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 Egypt's Christians After Mubarak

There is much to make Christians in Egypt anxious about their relationship with Muslims. On January 1, a suicide bomb killed 23 people at an Alexandria church, and today's resignation of President Hosni Mubarak signals changes that may make Christians' presence more precarious. It's no wonder that the country's Christian minority is praying for peace more fervently than ever.

The demonstrations demanding Mubarak's resignation, which began after the January collapse of Tunisia's authoritarian government, were a rare instance of the country's Muslims and Christians uniting in common cause. Many pastors and church leaders had urged Egyptian Christians, traditionally known as Copts, not to participate in the demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

"The things that are happening now are against God's will," Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III, 88, said on national television in early February. But ...

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 Re: Egypt's Christians After Mubarak

I think the Christian Coptic of Egypt need to draw nigh to God instead of trusting in the arm of man.


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 Re: Egypt's Christians After Mubarak

"The things that are happening now are against God's will,"

Thank God that this is his opinion.

I like the way God has moved upon the Church in Egypt in preparing them months before having them pray often for the changes that will grip that nation. It was said that before the Twin Towers fell that God had Times Square Church and no doubt other churches in prayer for something that was going to happen and they didn't know what, like the Egyptian people, they just obeyed the Lord. And they were ready to meet whatever challenges that they had to face and are facing. It's important that we hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour that we too are found ready when calamity is falling on the world and we can rest in the side of the boat and not be concerned about the winds and the waves.

God Bless the Church in Egypt.

 2011/2/15 19:03

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 Re: Egypt's Christians After Mubarak

Muslims uniting with Christians over Mubarak? What is their common cause?

The enemy of my enemy has become my friend.

Christians have no enemies and should honor and obey the authorities even if they are oppressive.

So, what is the common cause?

Christians should never engage in civil disobedience or protests.

The NT does not teach pacifism. It teaches non-resistance. Pacifism is a form of protest and rebellion against the civil authorities.

If you have never read Tortured for Christ, by Richard Wurmbrand, you should take a look at it and see how Christians behave in the midst of persecution.

When the Muslim's enemy is also your enemy, of course they will unite with you. Not just Muslims, either. But what happens when this "enemy" is vanquished? They then remember that you are still their enemy.

That is why we (Christians) should never join any particular group's side in this world. Always stay on God's side and make it known in your family and at work that you love all men, even Al Quaeda and the Taliban.

I am constantly tested and questioned at work as to where I stand regarding this group or that group. Am I Democrat, am I Republican? What do I think of what is happening in Egypt, Iran, Tunisia, Afganistan? We desire all men to be saved because our Father does. We are called to lay down our life for all men just as our Lord did.

Once you take a side and people know it, you have contaminated your witness and are not truly representing Christ. Do you work with Muslims, Hindus, Agnostics, Atheists? Be sure to make it known that you do not take sides and that what this world needs is Jesus Christ.

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