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 understanding the spirit man & spiritual realities

i actually posted 1 on this subject the other day but this is a bit better & more of what im trying to say or get thoughts on.

Spiritual realities
Rom1-9 For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of His Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers,

Operating in your spiritual capacity
Your inward man is able to do these things
*Worship in spirit jhn4-24 phil3-3
*Pray in the spirit 1cor 14-14
*Sing in the spirit 1cor14-15
*Be fervent in spiritrom12-11
*Bless in the spirit 1cor 14-16
*See in the spirit eph1-18
*To discern revelation
*Walk in the spirit gal 5-16

We need to walk in the knowledge of our spiritual capabilities; we need to operate our spiritual senses to do the things of God.
Heb 5-14
As with muscles in our body by constant use we sharpen our spiritual senses to discern.

Serving the Lord in spirit
There are 3 levels of living & 3 Greek words, which explains this type of life.
1*Luke 8-14 bio life
The bio life is the craving of the flesh; this outweighs the hunger for God & is concerned more with the things of this world.

2*Luke 9-23-24 psuche life
This is the self life, self centered the kingdom is a grain in us we need to die to us to open

3*john 10-10 Zoe life
The Zoe life is walk in his life, the light & life of God in us. Abundance, greater john1-4
John 8-12 James 1-17

We exist on 2 levels
1*natural world-natural senses

2*spiritual senses-spiritual senses

5 sensations of the inner man
1* sighing in the spirit
Mark 7-31-34
Sighing-greek-stenazo deep level of compassion in the human spirit that moves you with ferverent faith to minister.

2*groaning in the spirit
John 11-33-34,38
Groaning-greek-embrimaomai it moves your heart painfully to take authority in the spirit it’s the authority of God coming out of you
em meaning intense brimaomai meaning strength so it’s an intense strength in your inner man. Your flesh reacts to the spirit.

3*troubled in spirit
John 13-21/luke 22-31
Troubled-Greek –tarasso an agitation or stirring within
God is bugging me to pray this through till it is finished so praying something through.
Ever walking into a shop or talked to someone & you feel something isn’t right? It’s this agitation it’s an early warning system.

4*provoked in the spirit
Acts 17-16-17
Provoked-greek-paroxuneto to be sharpened or stirred to action
Provoked to do something.

5*bound or constrained in the spirit
Bound-greek-sunecho to hold together & to be constrained
Paul knew it was of God
Deep sense of selfless commitment. Gave his life for the task ahead

A few last thoughts on this
Our spirit is completed legally by Jesus, our soul has to play catch up sometimes our spirit receives revelation then our soul has to understand it this is when that revelation is understood.
Our spirit is hungry for God; our soul is not it has to be renewed, changed to think like Christ.
Prov 20-27 lights is always on in us we emminate life always.
1john2-20 if you feel something is not right who told you?
The other is we are made up of spirit, soul & body
We should be doing life from the spirit out not soul.
Soul power is the realm new agers; psychic’s witches & warlocks play with
But we have the human spirit regenerated by the Holy Spirit we have to start to live from this place of power.

This is no where a comprehensive list on these things nor am I an expert at all but we need to live from Christ’s finished work backwards now, we are already rulers with him we are conquerors.
We need to sharpen our spiritual eyes to see our ears to hear our hands to touch our mouths to taste our noses to smell.

Break your own ideas your own limitations your own way of I was taught this we are spirit beings in an earthly body we need to live there from here

“The world isn’t waiting for a new definition of Christianity its waiting for a new demonstration of it” Leonard ravenhill
Taken from a prophetic school im involved in at the moment by peter Christensen as well as my own thoughts


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