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 heavy hearted

Please pray for my husband,
He is bound to heavy perscription drugs from the docters and when he dont have them he gets them on the street.

I have since january 2 2011,came back to the call of christ.I too was realy bound to the drugs.
I have been a christian for most of my life,but now more then ever have i have found Gods mercy and grace to be so precious to me.

I need those who truly know how to pray,to please pray for my husband,who thinks hes ok in his walk,and justifies
what he is doing becuase he has had back surgury, and needs his neck done next.He has taken persciption drugs for 21 years, for his back and neck.we have been married 23 years,and he has never in that time,been off of them.
I joined him a year ago doing the same thing,the Lord had delivered me from thi,2 times in the past,and he has wittnessed the true power of God in my life,He has done drugs right in front of me and God has givin me the grace and taken all desire out of my heart for the drugs.

We have two older children who are married and one 16 year old girl who still lives at home.
She has known and seen us both doing them.
She has not gave herself to christ,she is very bitter towards her dad,and stuggles with his athourity.

Our other two children who are older know too.
they knew about every thing and know that he needs to just surender himself to the lord.

Me and the children have always ( except when i fell away)
went to church and fellowshiped buy our selfs.
he would try and keep us away from family and friends who were true believers.

I would finely just give up,felt so alone and couldnt share my heart with anyone.

since i have come back to christ,we have been going to a church and bible study.It was his idea to go.I was so thrilled he wanted too.
It was a friend who loves my husband and loves the lord with all his heart.the fruit is so apparent in his walk.

I cant help but think my husband thought it was just gonna be no big deal bible study or what.
We all go and some other friends too,It has been such a feeding time for me,and now he is beginning to get short with it because the spirit of god is right in front of him and he is resisting him.making excuses to put needles in his arms, because he likes getting high.but he tells you it is for pain. He has believed his own lie.

Satan has come against me like never before,my whole family is so devided between each other.

there has been so much happen in the last month.I cant begain to tell you,im so heavy hearted for there souls.

God is so so so good to me, I dont for a moment deserve His Mercy or grace,but iam standing and waiting to see the salvation of the Lord.

Please pray as the lord leads you
p.s please for give my spelling, its very bad.and i dont know how to type very well
Pray also i dont grow weiry in well doing.

Thank you your sister sandy


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 Re: heavy hearted

I am praying dear sister!

Please have no concern for your spelling as we do not pay any attention to such things here on sermonindex.

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