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I got an email from Joel Rosenberg. In it he discusses the current situation in Egypt and how it may relate to the middle east and Christians in general. He makes a fascinating observation, so here goes:

"* Another question I was asked on the radio show: "As you've watched this situation in Egypt unfold in recent weeks, do you see a possibility that if there is an orderly transition that the situation for Christians could actually improve?"

My answer: It's a very interesting question. Yes, it could. I think of the time when the Soviet Empire collapsed on Christmas Day in 1991. That opened up Russia and the entire Eastern bloc to the gospel. Many people came to faith in Christ. Many new congregations were planted. Many new pastors were called and trained. So that's one scenario, more freedom opening a door for the gospel. But then there's the Iraninan model. The fact that Radicals have been in power there for 32 years has been what God has used to begin to change that country. A Radical regime in Iran has counterintuitively been the healthiest for the church. Not easy. Don't get me wrong. There's been terrible persecution. But God has used all this to shake Iranians from their belief that is Islam is the answer and jihad is the way. Millions of Iranians have turned away from Islam. At least one million Iranians, it is estimated, have come to faith in Christ. So God can use two entirely different environments, the opening up of freedom and democracy, or a crackdown and more repression, to bring souls to Himself. God is sovereign. And we need to pray that the people of Egypt hear the gospel and make a decision to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior no matter which way this plays out."

(For the rest of this article -- and the latest headlines from Egypt and the Middle East -- please go to the blog:

Comment on "That opened up Russia and the entire Eastern bloc to the gospel": People who are familiar with the church in the [former] Communists countries declare that freedom had done more to hurt the purity of the church then persecution did. Something to consider. Sobering, IMHO.

I am convinced that if God would have asked humans' approval before allowing what he does, it would not be happening as it is. God is in control, so let us not fear.

Sandra Miller

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