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America's Heartand


Hey jimp,

Spot on brother! If some of those folks turning to Islam looked at the threads that were simply bash fests of ministries then no wonder they don't want what they see portrayed as Christianity.

We have a far superior answer to Islam that meets all the needs inherent to mankind. Most importantly the removal of sin from a person.

How is it we have the far superior message, far superior backing (the power of the Holy Spirit), and could possibly be losing the battle for souls in this case? You answered a lot of that question jimp.

However, rather than wring our hands let me submit one thought that is extremely encouraging to me.

Perhaps this will bring folks to the forfront that will confront in the power of the Holy Spirit. First use love... reach into hearts that will receive it. Love will disarm a great many peoples rejections.

Secondly, I pray there will also be spiritual confrontations brought to the front for all to see. By that I mean DIRECT SHOW DOWNS AND THROW DOWNS. In essence God forcing folks to see a direct confrontation of the false beliefs and the true faith of Jesus Christ. A few examles might be Moses standing against Jannes and Jambres, Elijah confronting the prophets of Baal at Mt. Carmel, or Paul calling blindness onto Elymas. Many more scriptural, historical, and personal examples exist. However, these are all well known and will serve as examples.

I pray that we will see supernatural confrontations come as a result! Clear cut issues just as Elijah was able to do. The God who answers by fire..HE IS GOD! The God who instantly heals the cancer and brings wellness when the doctor has said it is incurable..HE IS GOD. The God who supernaturally provides substanance for His people in the days to come when it may be unfindable..HE IS GOD! The God who brings this cripple out a a wheel chair..HE IS GOD! The God who keeps supply in an area when everyone else is dying of starvation..HE IS GOD(remember the judgements of Egypt and the area of Goshen kept safe?)

Just to add to jimps thoughts....the only time we EVER see anyone question Jesus ability to heal was in Mark 9:22 which states

22 “It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. BUT IF YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, take pity on us and help us.” (caps mine)

EVERY OTHER TIME in scripture that someone came to Jesus they said ., "if you will you can make him whole". They never questioned Jesus ABILITY..they questioned only his WILLINGNESS.

as you may know..the Mark 9 account happened after a man came to Jesus to have a demon cast out of his son and the disciples were unable to cast it out. The lesson seems clear..when someone doubts the ABILITY of the Lord Jesus Christ it is because we, those who claim to follow him, have not manifested the truth and power of God. Do you see that? The only time Jesus ability was questioned WAS WHEN THOSE WHO CLAIMED TO FOLLOW HIM COULD NOT PRODUCE THE POWER AND PROOF! So it is today.

God give us divine show downs with the enemy that will demonstrate to the world that you alone are the living God..that you alone are the one who answers by fire when believing prayer is offered in the name of Jesus.

If we as believers will stop spending so much time attacking ministries and rather look into the mirror and ask why the supernatural is not manifested in our lives then we may have started to see the answer.

Produce your first miracle before criticizing someone elses.. someones that you probably have no understanding of.

Let's see the undeniable supernatural produced through us in direct opposition to the enemy... then we will see folks turning to Jesus Christ and not to Islam!

Sorry about the length..hoever, it was in my heart to share.

Blessings All,

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My question is what is there in Islam that people find so attractive?

Islam is attractive to the world's definition of how to come to God, because to come to God through the righteousness of Jesus Christ and not their own is foolishness to them.

 2011/2/11 12:01

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"It was written down , written down in the bible. It was written down , written down, written down" old song my mum used to sing just popped into my head

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hi, man will always choose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil over the tree of life.they are more comfy in wrapt in strict rules that direct them to discipine them and their lives. they want rigid control so they feel how proud they are about their devotion to god.that is why they are good and we are is like a christian who rigidly fasts and prays to show God how good he is so that he might have favor with is sometimes hard to really believe in the finished work of the cross for our salvation and sanctification,but we must for Jesus paid it all and all to Him i owe...sin has left a crimson stain and He washes white as snow..jimp

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Usally I read these posts and some good points are made but we often don't. Its just not the revival this website hopes for, I believe, but we are on the right tract here family pray with me that we will learn here and start anew.

I felt lead to add this and this is why people aren't drawn to Christ. Because we don't live like this.

Let this rebuke you and humble your pride to the work of God.

"Intellectually I believe in both heaven and hell. But practically - the way I live daily - doesn't reflect the urgency of my claimed beliefs. If eternity were at the front of my mind, I'd pray far more for those distant from God. I'd share my faith in Christ on a daily basis. I'd serve my way into people's lives. Instead of accumulating more and more, I'd use everything I have to spread the gospel around the world. If I really believed, my life would look much different than it does." Craig Groeschel

We all have problems but we also know what to do and what those problems are. Pray and fast for these things to change, looking to Christ for all then we will see other around us change.

In Love,

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hi, the muslim way is even more narrow so that is not the answer.jimp i reread your post rain and do agree with you.

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Please, can you remember the title of that song? I found nothing Googling for Hymn + "It was written down, written down in the bible"

I feel a need to learn that song.

Thank you,
white stone


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Hemel Hempstead


My question is what is there in Islam that people find so attractive?

Islam is attractive to the world's definition of how to come to God, because to come to God through the righteousness of Jesus Christ and not their own is foolishness to them.

Sorry if I am continuing on a theme it is strange to think what attracts women say more than men as it way more oppresive for women than men,
Why is it islam and not say something like the new age movement.

To me it is a scary statistic because it shows that people will believe any lie and any other religion that what is true

What affect is this going to have on our society our we up for a coup like Egypt?
How on earth does this affect evangelism and every aspect of life in England?
When is god doing to destroy mecca and destroy islam for his glory

Dominic Shiells

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On a positive (at least societally/culturally), the heads of Germany, England, and France, have recently renounced multiculturalism, and will begin working to roll Islam's effects upon their nations back.


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They are just converting from one false religion to another.
Not from being saved to being islamic.If that happened ...well I am just not sure it could.
Yes their will be a falling away from Christ but towards the world,
Well it might be good thing that the Anglican Church dissapears,their comes a time when its christian in name only and the Anglican Church cant be far off that among others,The task remains the same whether they are muslims or not.Religion is Religion and Christ is the antidote,
Yours Staff

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