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 Jesus provides for our every need

Yesterday I drove our '84 Honda Civic. We had to get my husband to therapy for his back. When I first started the car it made an awful sound. My husband who is sorta teaching me to drive after 30 years of being a passenger, told me I did something wrong. Stopped at the gas station on the way and when I started her back up, there was that awful noise again. I knew I didn't do it wrong that time. Made it to the clinic, did the therapy, even got to sit for 20 min with a Tens unit running on his back. (He says that feels great, by the way.)

Headed to the grocery. Again, that noise when I started her up. By now I am getting pretty flustered and taking the blame as best I could, even though I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. Stalled the car in a parking lot and when I tried to start it. It made that noise again - louder.

Popped the hood and hubby checked it out. The starter was about to fall on the ground. Even though he had just done his therapy for severe back pain, he had to push the car to a space where we could jack it up safely. It was God's good providence it is a tiny car and there was a spot close to push it into. He crawled under but couldn't see anything. Inside the engine compartment on this tiny car is pitch black. Couldn't reach the starter from below, either. Up top it was possible to touch it and tell it was very loose but no way to see what was going on. Ended up with him holding it in place while I cranked it over then we drove straight home and parked her until he can work on it.

After we got back home he drained the transmission on the pick-up. We recently switched over to using Synthetic oil in our vehicles and are 100% sold on it. The tranny is stiff to shift and he is pretty sure it will benefit from a change to the Synthetic Oil. We found another tool we need to buy. A 24 mm wrench to remove the drain plug. I am positive you can never have too many tools. There is usually one that needs to be bought for every job that needs to be done. And, we have been buying tools for our entire married life (35 years). Anyway, there is another thing we need, too. Something to pump the new oil into the transmission. None of the funnels we have would work. Again, God's wonderful providence has turned us into pack rats who can throw nothing away. Without that characteristic I would not have been keeping an old plastic ketchup bottle. It was a clear one, not one that ketchup comes in but one of those you pour it into and squirt. They were made before ketchup started coming in squirt bottles. It was a small bottle so he would squeeze it in and then pass it out to me to refill.

We were very grateful not to have been stuck in town. I was glad it wasn't me making the car make those noises, too. Sure could have been worse. We both praise Jesus for the marvelous and complete way He cares for our every need.

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 Re: Jesus provides for our every need

HE sure does! I'm blessed by your sharing!


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God takes care of us!! I love Honda's. I had to improvise on changing the trans. oil on our van. I took a small funnel and added a small hose from the hardware store to the end of it so it would reach the dipstick hole. I have saved alot of money through the years by doing it myself. I miss my 96 Civic. A great car.


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