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Yes, well.....reading it and recommending it are one it out is another....still in the crucible....

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Who isn't mama. When I think of Eph 5 being "Christ and His Church" and we look at ourselves and the state of His Church - I see myself in those fires of the crucible as well, as the rest of His Church. Be-ing refined, until He Comes.
The good thing about fellowship here, is that we're all in it together and wouldn't want it any other way.
Strange that we 'can' feel safest 'in' the fire. Means there's still hope for us and that He hasn't given up His work on us.... I've thought that a number of times per week when seeing where I fall short. Thank GOD for the purifying fire of the Gold-smith.
Thanks Again!

 2011/2/10 9:07

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You are right, of course. But sometimes when the heat of the fire is so intense, it is hard to thank God for the pain. Perhaps that is where this brother is who wrote the original post. Yes, I too, am very thankful for the saints on this forum who are passionate in their zeal for God. And I am so thankful to be a part of His Church - most of the time - except for those brief moments when the heat is turned up so high that like the Apostle Paul, I despair even of life.

Keith Daniel has a wonderful message called "Persecution, Affliction, and Tribulation" (sorry for the rabbit trail - I suppose this should start a new thread on affliction), but maybe it would be a blessing to this husband and wife who are going thru a very difficult time. May we all continue to press toward the mark....

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But sometimes when the heat of the fire is so intense, it is hard to thank God for the pain.

Consider this modern parable of The Silversmith:
Some time ago, a few ladies met in a certain city to study the scriptures. While reading the third chapter of Malachi, they came upon a remarkable expression in the third verse:

"And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver." (Malachi 3:3)

One lady proposed to visit a silversmith, and report to them on what he said about the subject. She went accordingly, and without telling the object of her errand, begged the silversmith to tell her about the process of refining silver.

After he had fully described it to her, she asked, "But Sir, do you sit while the work of refining is going on?" "Oh, yes madam," replied the silversmith; "I must sit with my eyes steadily fixed on the furnace, for if the time necessary for refining be exceeded in the slightest degree, the silver will be injured."

The lady at once saw the beauty, and comfort too, of the expression, "He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver." God sees it needful to put His children into a furnace; His eye is steadily intent on the work of purifying, and His wisdom and love are both engaged in the best manner for us. Our trials do not come at random, and He will not let us be tested beyond what we can endure.

Before she left, the lady asked one final question, "When do you know the process is complete?" "Why, that is quite simple," replied the silversmith.. "When I can see my own image in the silver, the refining process is finished."

All the more reason to praise the heat of the fire!!

white stone


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This is why I love this board;

the encouragement, the alliance of believers, the hope that comes from unity, the show of support and the amont of experience that helps to propel each one of us from faith to faith, and from His glory to glory.

My wife and I are also suffering from diasagreements and broken promises and any other thing that can possibly come in the middle. A lot of it is my fault because of my unhappiness and pain from my dysfunctional childhood.

I am dealing with it, but taking the lead, with my mouth? NO, with God and only God in prayer.

A songwriter made a song a while back called "trouble doesn't last always", but when we encounter trouble, we feel as though it will never end. That is a lie!

U both will make it, brother, keep trusting God, continue to cultivate a simple one on one with Christ and your lovely wife.

God is a very present help in the timeof trouble, if only we could get scriptures like this in our hearts, like we believe bills will come every month. God is even more constant than that, but it takes time for us to stop trusting in the methods of the world, n wholly lean on God and His Christ. I am speaking to myself and anyone else that needs that encouragement.

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Thank you for this reminder. I had read this in the past, but had forgotten it. I think I need to print it out and put it in my Bible. And yes, I HAVE prayed to be made into the image of Christ. But sometimes I have brief moments where I renig - don't you? I am one who asked for prayer back in January (thru a friend) for 2 prodigal sons.....I have to say I have NEVER experienced such intense pain. I was only posting to possibly relate to what this brother might be experiencing. Thankfully God knows our frame, and yes - He knows when the heat is too much...Thank you so much for sharing this story! I am sure that many here will be blessed by it as I am.

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