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 Women and men- Leadership and submission- Christian marriage

Generally the 'church' is worldly now.And women and men are not really interested in pleasing Christ.This is evident in the worldly dress, relationships and behavior in the churches. But also on the other side others are taking scripture out of context when trying to please Christ and be scriptural. They cause many mis- understandings, I feel, about the roles of men and women in the Church and home.
I would like to say this about' mens leadership and womens submission'. Most people who believe in the two distinct roles of male leadership and female submission in ALL areas of christian life, like to quote the following verse. Ephesians 5: 22-33. ( as one, for example).It is where the scriptures give the teaching that husbands( not men)should love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her( died to self).And he is to present his wife without spot or blemish.( not to make her sin) And wives are to submit( willing agree with, yeild in love, adapt) to their OWN husbands AS UNTO The Lord.
( My own paraphasing).
My understanding of this text is that, firstly, is that virtually the whole chapter taken in context is Paul taking about being imitators of God ( Eph5:1) and walking in Love ( Eph5:2). And he goes on to speak about what we should not be like and to look carefully on how we live
( Eph5:15). The above quote on submission applies to married couples only( Eph 5:22-30)And is refering only to the marriage role ( not church roles). Single women are to be treated as sisters and older woman as mothers. ( Paul says in 1Tim 5:2)And it is only to her loving spiritual husband that a wife submits,not every 'Christian' man in the church.The marriage union is a special symbol in scripture of Christ and his Church.Thus it should ( the couple together)be a model of Christ- like love and mutual submission ( 'mutual'( for all Christians)as Paul says just before the 'text on submission'starts in Eph5;21).Our husbands are our brothers in The Lord and our husbands in the marriage. They are not our spiritual heads. Only Christ is the head of his church. Our husbands are our 'heads' in the marraige role only ( on earth) and this is as to be a witness of the role of Christ to his Church.Together as couples, we want people to see Christs love for the Church and world( those yet to be Christians)By the husband giving himself up ( his own desires to please himself and to take on the role of protecter)to his bride and her RESONSE to her husband is utter TRUST demonstrated by her action of submission to him. But 'as unto The Lord' is also very important. I believe that this instruction from Paul does not apply to women who are married to unbelievers.She submits to show her unbelieving husband in love, yes,( as Peter says to win him for Christ 1Pet3;1-3)(NB: different word for sumbit here than in Eph, check out in the Amplified Bible) but only if her husband is not in direct opposition to Christ, and what he wants for her. ( which he would be, as he is in unbelief and therefore in opposition to Christ).Here, she can take a Christian stand and thus be a witness to her husband of her commentment to Christ or if appropriate submit to her husband with Christ-like love for him and win him over for Christ. But to submit to evil, sin or the flesh would be contray to the Bible.For the Christian marriage where both profess Christ. The same could apply if, say, the husband was not fully surrenderd to Christ's will and is fleshly.To summerise, it is to wives and husbands that submission applies . Not men and women in general.And it is not blind submission but loving response that wives will give to a husband who treats her as Christ would do, who is the head of both.( spiritually).Bearing in mind that they are being a witness to the world.
' In Christ there is neither male nor female, bond or free'

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