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A great thing about eBooks is the increased ability to self-published something. Granted, you can already self-publish eBooks on your own website, or just blog your thoughts. But I see this new medium as yet another way to side-step the difficulties of people in their attempt to publish a book. It almost makes me wonder, what need will there be for most book publishers in a few decades?

Jimmy H

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One of the great things that you can do with your eReader (a Kindle, Nook, etc...) is download free books from Google, Project Gutenberg, etc... and upload them into your device via Adobe Digital Editions.

You simply download Adobe Digital Editions (free). Once it is opened, you simply drag the ebooks that you download into the open program. After you plug your device into your computer, your device icon will appear on the left of the Adobe Digital Editions menu. You can then drag the converted ebooks into your device icon! The books are immediately available!

This alone make it worth the $150 investment!


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 Adobe Digital Editions


I checked out Adobe Digital Editions for a quick peek but I couldn't find how it differed from just dragging and dropping my pdf file into my Kindle.

You know, if it's better, I'll certainly use it but I don't understand 'how' it's better. Inquiring minds want to know!! haha

Thanks and God bless,


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