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 Egypt Internet Shutdown Underscores Vulnerability

The ease with which Egypt was able to shutdown the Internet to cut off communications during violent, anti-government protests demonstrates the Internet's vulnerability in countries where there are few service providers.

Egypt, where protests stem from frustration over government corruption, a depressed economy, and a lack of political freedom, started its Internet blockade this week by cutting off access to Twitter and Facebook. The sites are often used by protesters in troubled nations to organize demonstrations and stay a step ahead of police. On Friday, the sites were still inaccessible.

"We saw a drop in Egyptian traffic on Thursday and are now seeing only minimal traffic from Egypt," Facebook said in a statement emailed to InformationWeek Friday. ...

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 Re: Egypt Internet Shutdown Underscores Vulnerability

Walid Phares
"The demonstations in Cairo began with
moderates wanting more democracy and now
there is a race for control just as in
Germany in the 1930's."

His point is that the radical Muslim brotherhood is using the moderate forces in the middle east to foment demonstrations against their governments. Moderates do not even know it. Then Muslim brotherhood, which are organized throughout the Middle East countries will swoop in for a seat in the new government and eventually majority power.

"There is a race between civil society and Islamists in Egypt"

Great read by all Christians to understand what may be coming and is already taking place in some middle eastern countries.

This is a must read if you would like to understand the Coming Confrontation in the Middle East.

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Very interesting. If ElBaradei a is truly a‘stooge’ for Iran then the "new" Egypt could shut down the Suez Canal for U.S.

Anger Starting to Focus on Israel and the U.S.

Poll on Jerusalem Post:

Which Middle Eastern leader will next face a serious challenge to his rule?

1. Jordan's King Abdullah.....................52.94%
2. Syrian President Bashar Assad..............12.38%
3. Palestinian Authority Pres. Mahmoud Abbas..20.43%
4. Iranian President M. Ahmedinejad...........14.24%

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If the Egyptian government can turn off the internet. How easy would it be for a western government to cease all our savings at a touch of a button. Far fetched but the way the world is going it wouldn't surprise me for us to wake up and heard the world financial system has crashed and world government would only guarantee savings up to $200.

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