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 whom did you Bring with you?

the saddest thing is to wake up in heaven with a "part" of you burning in hell: [family members,friends, all love ones, those you talked with, or seen,or heard, even your enemies.]

I strongly believe the Lord Jesus Christ will ask each and every believer on that glorious day "whom did you bring with you into my Kingdom?" How then will you answer Him if all you did was "lived for yourself?"

So you see you don't want any of your love ones to perish, and with trembling, crying, prayer and fasting you would that they come to know The LORD JESUS CHRIST, that is the burden of Love, not to let anyone perish, that is the burden of Love, and can you compare this little burden you have with the burden of the Lord Jesus Christ, who loves the world so much that He shed His precious Blood for our sake,
yet still are we rebellious,
yet still will we not come to Him,
yet still we run away from salvation.
You see the Burden that the Lord Jesus has? it's for the whole world not just a few people but the whole earth. the burden of Love, to send but they will not come, to call but they will not answer and many more others which we still will not heed.
if you Love the Lord Jesus Christ you will share in His precious burden. He said my yoke is light and my burden easy. yes, that is the burden of Love, it's to save and not condemn even the vilest soul.


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 Re: whom did you Bring with you?

May we ask of God, to deliver us of all self, pride, indifference and everything that would hinder us doing the will of God from the heart.

May God be glorified.

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 Re: whom did you Bring with you?

Precious post. I pray for the eyes of Jesus. I can't think of anything that I need more and more and more of. And the world needs less and less and less of 'my' judgments. Amen dear friend, I believe this is the need of the hour. The years prior had other needs of the hour, but I'm feeling more than ever that Love between those who call upon His Name is an essential message now and spreading that Love to the world that hates Him and us, as witnesses [= martyrs].
Thank you!

 2011/1/28 12:49

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