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 One minute left

 2011/1/27 21:49

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 Re: One minute left

America, America
God shed His grace on thee,
And blessed the land abundantly.
From sea to shining sea..

For 200 years or more
She reigned with God with cheer.
But judgment now has fallen,
And she is sorrowful and in fear.

Her sins have caught up to her,
And God has said, “No more,
Repent, return to me and live,
Or soon you will eat the devil’s lore..
Sad to say it is lapping at the shores..

I have warned you of the Satan’s lore,
Whereby he counterfeits my word.
He will make you bow down to him,
And reverently call him the Lord…………THE GOD=ALLAH

He has come as a messiah,……………..MOHAMMED
And fooled the masses well.
They are following him willfully,
Into the fiery gates of hell..

America, America..
Come back to me I plead,
Before the Satan’s gospel …………………KORAN
Change my wheat to weed.”,

This is an urgent time as it always has been. All other religion then that which promotes the true Spirit of Jesus Christ is satanic and counterfeit at its root. We must live Christianity in its truth today, Satan is busy deceiving many and time is short. May we live with eternity in view and not play games with our life and time. This is much being done in other countries but the Gospel and testimony of the Church is growing dim somewhat in America.

Revival is needed.

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