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 Praying For World-Wide Revival

Brothers and Sisters,

Micheal Youssef is a godly minister in the states and has released a new website calling for prayer for a world-wide revival, this is excellent to see 70,000 already joined with this. It is a glimmer of hope in the midst of so much fleshly Christianity.


An Exciting Next Step in Prayer

My Beloved Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your obedience to the Lord in fulfilling your commitment to pray for America through November 2nd. From the very beginning, our prayers have been for our most desperate need — a spiritual awakening in America.

Initially, we limited our prayer focus to America. God Save America united our prayers as the body of Christ. What power there is in doing this! I am encouraged to see what God is doing in America. He is answering our prayers.
As I have sought the mind of God, I asked Him where He will take us from here. One thing became very clear: we must expand our prayer covenant to include our brothers and sisters from around the world. In obedience to Him, I am launching a new initiative to gather one million global prayer partners for a global spiritual awakening.

If the Lord chooses to ignite a revival in China, Turkey, Europe, the Middle East, or in America, we will rejoice all the same. When a revival is ignited in one corner of the globe, it will overflow to the rest of the Christian world.
Remember this: all of the million prayer partners will be brothers and sisters in Christ. While we may never meet them this side of heaven, we will spend eternity together with them. What a great discussion we will have in heaven about our prayer for global revival!

The web address for this new prayer community is Your current God Save America user name and password work in this new community.

We are beginning the process of transitioning the online community and will be in touch soon with more information on this site.
In the meantime, I want to encourage you to continue to pray daily for a spiritual awakening in America and around the world.
In Christ,

Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

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 Re: Praying For World-Wide Revival

there is a major revival happening amoung the gypsys the church is growing. So please keep praying and god bless you my brother

John connors

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I think the Pentecostal/Charismatic renewal movement has already sparked something of a world wide revival in the last 100 years. Countless souls have been saved, churches born, and the gospel taken further than it had ever been taken before due to this powerful move of the Spirit.

Just a thought.

Jimmy H

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And not to slight his prayer motives, we should pray God move all over, but, technically, hasn't China been having a mighty revival in the last century as well? They've gone from not even a million Christians last century to an estimated 50 million today. Such is without historical precedent.

Jimmy H

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