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 Sharia law to be tightened if Sudan splits - Prayer needed for those left in the north

I have an FB friend that lives in north Sudan who is unable to leave to go to the south, because he is a refugee. Please pray the Lord will intervene and allow the UN or whomever to speak on behalf of these people that are unable to leave. He said that the UN has tried to speak for them, but thus far have continually been rejected to do so. My friend said that if (and probably when) the south secedes from the north, that the Christians left in the north will more than likely see a lot of persecution, torture and executions. The north will be predominately islamic.
The situation there seems a lot like north and south korea.

It seems a lot of the news, is making it seem as though the south secession is a good thing, but for christians left in the north it is not! Secular news does not cover this. But pray the Lord will move to intervene on their behalf.


Sharia law to be tightened if Sudan splits

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The north of Sudan will reinforce its Islamic laws if the south secedes as a result of next month's referendum, President Omar al-Bashir has said.

Mr Bashir said the constitution would then be changed, making Islam the only religion, Sharia the only law and Arabic the only official language.

Correspondents say his comments are likely to alarm thousands of non-Muslim southerners living in the north.

They are currently protected from some of the stronger aspects of Sharia.

"If south Sudan secedes, we will change the constitution," Mr Bashir told a gathering of his supporters in the eastern town of Gederef on Sunday.

"Sharia and Islam will be the main source for the constitution, Islam the official religion and Arabic the official language," the president added.

The imposition of Sharia on the non-Muslim south was one of the reasons for the long civil war, which ended when a peace deal was signed in 2005, the BBC's James Copnall in Khartoum reports.


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