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 Thank You Lord

I am continually amazed by my Lord! His care is so constant that it often leaves me speechless. Last night my two and half year old grand daughter was standing at the top of our basement stairs calling down to Grandpa to come up and see her. My husband made his way up to the top and as he was heading into the other room Kaylee somehow slipped and fell down the entire flight of stairs. She went tumbling as my husband ran back to try and catch her. I was upstairs at the time and I heard my husband yell out "Kaylee" then I heard each thud as she hit the wooden stairs as she was falling. My heart stopped, I jumped up just about to run down the stairs when I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to stay where I was. I sat back down and I simply whispered "Please Lord, please!" I heard the last thud as she hit the concrete basement floor. Again I said "Please Lord." Then I heard Kaylee crying I waited just a few minutes more and then I knew I was to go downstairs. As I came down expecting the worse instead I found my grand daughter sitting up crying a bit and talking with her mom. She did not have one bruise or bump on her. She was completely fine, she looked up and said, "I falla down da stairs and hit the basement." I gave thanks to the Lord. Kaylee cried for a minute or two more as my daughter looked her over from head to toe but then she was fine.

What a true miracle that she could be completely fine with no harm having come to her after such a fall. God knew the need and kept her safe! Even today she is doing great, not one bruise. She is running around playing and is as cute as ever. I just thought I would share this with you all here!! Praise God for His constant care and covering!!

God Bless

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 Re: Thank You Lord

The God is really great. Just believing is must.

Wilford Byrd

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One of His wonderful names is, The God Who Answers Prayers. How wonderful for you to have such an example given you.


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 Re: Thank You Lord

GOD is SO GOOD! Praising HIM.

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