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Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria


It is with great burden that I post this thread. A friend of mine called in and told me that a Christian brother was traced to his shop and shot dead in cold blood by Islamic extremists. This happened in the Northern State of Borno in Nigeria.
This series of killings all started in 2009 when this Islamic group known as Boko Haram sect tried to take over the government. This led to a one week war in which about a thousand of them were killed by government forces.
However, since last year, the surviving members re-grouped and decided to go on secret killings of Christian leaders and state security officers.
Please brethren, the church there, like Apostle Peter in Acts 12, needs urgent, unceasing prayers for survival. They live in fear and I also believe they are about to under ground. Please bow your knees in prayers that God will intervene and raise a standard against the enemy. Please, let make them know we are one body. Please pray now!


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Lord have mercy!! I will pray!

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I've prayed for them right now, that they will be able to stand in the face of persecution and that their numbers will increase, not decrease through this time of trial. May their suffering be for the Glory of our Lord.

On a related note, I'm currently reading the book "Jesus Freaks" by dc talk and the Voice of the Martyrs. Highly recommended to re-ignite compassion for the brothers and sisters who are suffering for their faith.

Thank you for sharing your concern, ChildofGrace.

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I will join in prayer as well. Come Lord Jesus, come.

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