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I have been talking to the Lord about this and I feel the Lord gave me an answer this morning and I will share it.

There are different parts to the Bride of Christ. Different ministries for His glory and purpose. I have been edified and grown in my relationship with my Lord so very much due to SI. Also, have prayed and wept with the Tues. prayer with Gospel For Asia and my prayers have broaden around the world due to it and my compassion for brethren all over. Glory to God. I love Brother Greg and I am so deeply appreciative for Brother Him and SI. They are constantly in my prayers.

As for Brother Frank, I also, love him and his ministry. Although I have only listened to the recordings of his prayer calls on Tues. I also have been so touched and blessed to pray along even if it is a week or so after the live praying. I love the Presence of the Lord in the prayer calls and have wept with them as well.

The Lord showed me the brothers and their ministries are of Him and the brothers are seeking Him with all their hearts to follow in the direction He is leading.

They both love their Lord Jesus Christ with all their hearts and both have a heart for the lost and a heart to see God's people living holy lives. Glory to God for them both. They are true humble men of God.

The greatest of all is LOVE. These brothers love their Lord, they love the brethren, they love the lost & long them to be saved and what I am blessed by is they love and respect each other even with their different ministries. God IS glorified and blessed in this.

So if it is good for the Lord, it is more than good for me that they have different ministries and they shall have in and on their ministry web pages what the Lord is leading.

I say, thank YOU my LORD for these dear and precious brothers and their ministries and that YOU love and lead them and I can be blessed and become more like YOU because of their obedience to YOU. Bless them dear Lord. And be blessed Lord and glorified by them. Amen and Amen

 2011/1/17 12:38Profile


Amen sister!

 2011/1/17 17:39


Brother Frank wrote:

I will admit to holding to, what may be considered by some, an extreme, position.

well, some might call eating locusts and wild honey wearing a hairshirt, while excoriating the professional priestcraft of the day with blistering rebuke...extreme. i do not, God provides us with models.

some might call being nailed to a tree, with a nary a protest, extreme.....i call Him Jesus, He calls me "neil".

some might call the Beautitudes, extreme, i call them a template for Life and Life everlasting....or the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus' in John 17, extreme...i think Such Prayer as our default setting.

my brother Frank went on to write this;

This will not be any surprise to those who know me or read anything that I write on my website. I believe that to a great extent, God has finished with denominationalism and the " established church." So, will He revive that which He is finished with? I do not discount that, my own persoanl opinion is that He will not. Can and will He revive individual churches, yes I believe that He can and will.

as led by the Lord, i concur wholeheartedly......and i still love Greg Gordon, for like Frank, i have learned and been blessed much by both these tzadiqim, saints.

 2011/1/17 17:57

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