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 Premier Christian Radio - 66 Weeks Through Every Book of The Bible

A New Series of 66 twelve minute radio programs

This year is the 400th Anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of The Bible. To commemorate this, beginning Sunday February 27th, WhisperingWord is taking 12 minutes each week on Premier Christian Radio to give an overview of each book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, covering the whole Bible in 66 weeks!

Following on from his successful production of Bible Book Overviews for ‘SORTED’ the UK’s number 1 Christian men’s magazine, to accompany the Broadcast, V.R. will be producing printed material each month in hard copy and PDF format for listeners to download and at the end of the 66 week series a 300 page book will be available, written in current and contemporary terms for the 21st century Christian, connecting the stories of the Bible and revealing it’s central theme of the glory of God in the redemption of man.

At the end of last year Christianity magazine published an interview with James Catford the CEO of the British & Foreign Bible society in England & Wales who conceded that Biblical literacy Biblical literacy in the UK had fallen to desperate levels and that most Brits, though they might own a Bible, never, ever open it! Regarding the church, the Bible Society is also concerned about Biblical literacy amongst Christians, indicating that like the culture in general they have lost ‘Confidence in the Credibility of the Scriptures’.

V.R. states that “God, the Sovereign Lord of the Universe, who through conscience and creation and the Holy Bible is in constant communication with His creation, still speaks to us TODAY! So the Bible is the most incredibly credible, revealing and relevant document which we have the privilege to have in our possession. We need to get into it and get it, into us. This 66 week series will be the ‘Raw Bible for Real people!’ ”

In this 66 week series of 12 minute Bible Book Overviews covering each book of the Bible, V.R. will unpack the revelation of God, connecting the stories, laying the foundations of credibility, inspiring confidence in the relevance of Bible for today’s people, societies and cultures, challenging Christians and non-Christians alike to come back to the Revelation of God.

I would appreciate your rpayers reagrding this and also if you know of any Christian Trusts which are devoted to getting the Word of God out there who might helo us purchase our air time. Any hook ups would be greatly appreciated and your prayers more than anything

thanks in advance for praying for us


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