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 Is the Bible Really the Word of God?--Part 3

As we have seen previously, the Bible makes no defense for itself. It just declares itself to be the Word of God. We also have seen the Bible consists of 66 separate books written by over 40 different human authors from all walks of life over a period of 1,500 years from three continents. Under these circumstances, it would take a miracle for one cohesive book to come into existence. But then again, the Bible is a miracle.

Although the Bible is not a history book, when it speaks of historical events it is 100% accurate. Although the Bible is not just a book on archaeology, when it addresses archaeological issues it likewise is correct.

It had long been argued that Moses did not write the Penteteuch. Archeology has now proven this to be fact. The Hammurabi Code and other evidences reveal that Moses did indeed write the first five books of the Bible. Abraham's birthplace in Ur of the Chaldees (Genesis 11:27-31) has also been under attack as being a fabled land until C. L. Wooley discovered the city in 1922. The famed Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) has most likely been discovered. If not the exact tower, several had been excavated fitting the Biblical description in the area mentioned by the Bible.

What about the Garden of Eden? The Bible tells us that the garden was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. It is now accepted by most that this area was indeed the Cradle of civilization. William Albright made a discovery at the southeast corner of the Dead Sea. He found relics of a great civilization that abruptly ceased about 2,000BC. Evidence included an earthquake and a great explosion. From a Biblical viewpoint, this fits the criteria for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The universal flood of history also backs up the Bible. There is no way I am getting into a Creation/Evolution debate in this hub. The facts are the facts. We find marine fossils high up in mountainous areas. There is evidence from the geologic column that deals with fossil deposition of the stratum layers. Also, realize that every culture has a flood account. Even though they may differ, they can no doubt be traced to one original event. Noah's Ark itself may have been discovered. There are many reports of sightings high in the Turkish mountains of Ararat. Because of its location and much of it being under ice, we cannot prove this boat is the ark, but it certainly could be, and if so, fits the Biblical account.

There is archeological proof for the following: Ahab's ivory palace (I Kings 22:39); Jezebel's cosmetic box (II Kings 9:30); Esther's palace (Esther 1:2); Hezekiah's tunnel (II Kings 20:20, II Chronicles 32:3, 4); the rebuilding of Jericho (I Kings 16:34).

I, for one, do not need these proofs. The Bible is my final authority for faith and practice, however I can and do appreciate how the Creation points to the Creator. We'll examine scientific evidence that reinforces the Bible as God's Word in Part 4--coming soon to a hub near you!

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