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 Is the Bible Really the Word of God?--Part 2

Much of the information presented in this hub will be known to Christians. For those who are truly seeking, please consider the following. If you haven't read Part One, please do that first.

The Bible came into being in a way no other book has. It has a supernatural origin and as such cannot be compared to books having a natural origin. It is the old oranges and apples thing. The Bible itself is actually a collection of 66 separate books. These books cover a variety of subjects. Included are such topics as history, prophecy, biography, poetry, war-time, and peace-time just to name a few. I can't think of any book today that is as versatile in its subject range as is the Bible.

Consider also that these 66 separate books were written by over 40 different people as the Holy Spirit directed them. Certainly if the Holy Spirit didn't direct them there would not have been the single message that is given within its holy pages. Remember the game we used to play as kids. Someone would whisper a sentence to the person next to them and that person would in turn whisper to the person next to them. By the time it got the whole way around the circle the beginning message had been drastically changed. Can you imagine trying to get through a circle of 40 without the message being compromised? Only if God were speaking the same message to each of the 40 could that take place.

Think of the social backgrounds of these men. Moses was an Egyptian prince. Joshua was a military leader. David was a shepherd turned king. Amos was a farmer. Luke was a doctor. Matthew was a tax collector. The list goes on with these men having nothing in common.

Consider also the time difference involved in the completion of the Bible. Job, the first book written was written well over 3,500 years ago. Revelation, the last book written was written about 95AD. At least 1,500 years separates the beginning from the end. I remember the 1960's. So much has changed in 50 years. But the message of the Bible is clearly presented with no change of doctrine for all those years.

Lastly, consider the cultural differences of the human authors. God used people on three continents to transmit His Word. Exodus 17 was written in the desert. Exodus 20 was written on Mount Sinai. Possibly Jeremiah's writings came from Egypt. The book of Esther was written in Persia. Daniel wrote while in captivity in Babylon, and Paul wrote to Timothy from Rome.

We'll continue to examine how this great book was put together in Part Three, but for now focus on these thoughts. We have a book comprised of 66 separate books written by over 40 different human authors from all walks of life with a tremendous variety of topics written on three continents yet without error.Only a supernatural source could engineer such a book, and He has. Stay tuned for Part Three.

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