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 Bailouts Postponed, But Can't Prevent the "Greatest Depression"

For the last few years Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal has come on Tech Ticker and other media outlets talking of a further economic collapse, which he calls "the Greatest Depression."

Yes, the economy is not robust, growth still hasn't returned to pre-crisis levels and unemployment remains above 9%. But by most metrics things are getting better, not worse. In the accompany clip, Aaron and Henry ask Celente how he accounts for this.

Celente argues his dire predictions would have come to fruition if it had not been for an unprecedented set of bailouts that continue today. Most shocking to Celente was the disclosure, in late 2010, that the Federal Reserve lent hundreds of billions to foreign banks to bail them out during the height of the crisis in 2008 and 2009. "Absent those kind of schemes, if capitalism take it's course, at some remote level it used to be, we see the crash," he ...

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 Re: Bailouts Postponed, But Can't Prevent the "Greatest Depression"

Heard Mr. Celente on the radio this week. His points are valid.

Early this morning I heard the beginning of this other man's program. He rattled off so many facts I'm in info-overload, but the part that I remember is that I believe he said that Hungary is taking people's retirement funds and putting it into the social security and a lot about the Housing crisis. Wish I could remember more but you can listen on demand here -

I listen because I have a family to be there for when the floor drops out. I feel that if I'm forewarned than I'm forearmed to help them to look to our Only Source and give them the 'reason for my hope'. Prayerfully, they'll see Jesus then because many won't look up until there's nothing left to depend on in this world.

I believe we need to be Very Gentile with the unsaved and love them to Christ. It's opening a door, but their security is still in this world.

Yes, I believe the plan is for us to go into a Depression or may already be into one.

Thanks for the post Brother!

 2011/1/14 17:07

 Re: Bailouts Postponed, But Can't Prevent the "Greatest Depression"

click on THAT dreadful day (coming economic collapse) By
Pastor David Wilkerson

 2011/1/15 1:19

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I read somewhere that the Bible teaches that righteousness is what ultimately exalts a nation. Without it, the nation must fall. That is how in the end, Babylon the Great though full of the wealth of the nations and possessing a bustling trade business (even in the midst of the tribulation) can still see total economic collapse overnight. We are reminded that in one hour her judgment came, in spite of all the resources she had.

So, even with the laws of economics considered, even if we see the natural things come back into place that are signs of a sound economy... in one hour our judgment can still come.

The only security is righteousness. We should make much about that :-)

Jimmy H

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