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 Our Urgent Need of Revival in Righteousness

Yesterday night, just before I went to bed, I decided to search through the free to air Christian channels. To my surprise, I found out that almost all the ministers were centered about a particular theme: Prosperity and Progress. While I personally have nothing against these themes, it really bothers me to consider the fact that these have been the emphasis of most pastors these days, while the needed revival in righteousness is lacking.
A focus on world events should be enough to stir the heart of every minister of God to begin to prepare his congregation for the eminent return of Christ. If the church gets "overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkeness, and cares of this life," it is evident that that day of Christ's return will come to her unawares (Luke 21:34).
Ministers of God, let us begin to prepare our congregation for heaven. This can be done by heart searching and life purging on the part of the minister first and then on the part of the congregation.
None of us will want to regret on the last day. But this will inevitaly be the case if we spend our entire time motivating the church towards prosperity and progress in material things alone while we rot in sin and corruption. May God give us an understanding of what His will is in these last days. AMEN!


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 Re: Our Urgent Need of Revival in Righteousness

Indeed brother and hold tight to what has been revealed to you for we are passing a point in history where a 'great shakedown' is looming.

The point of no return has already come, the nations are now too callous to hear the voice of God and the churches are too lukewarm, too busy in the pursuit of the cares of this world.

If there will be a revival, it will be a revival for strength and fortitude to remain faithful to the pursuit of God, righteousness, and the gospel amidst the consuming difficulties ahead.

Pray hard, and cling hard to the grace of God that our hearts may not fail as the Lord pass his mighty hands among the nations, for ourselves, brothers, sisters, father, mother and friends.

what we fear will come, , we may repent but nothing is going to stop it, we have to endure to the very end.

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 Re: Our Urgent Need of Revival in Righteousness

It's good to read something that has to do with now and eternity.

We make light of the days we live in. As though they will continue without end. But this world is passing away. Even if events in the world that are taking place were not happening, the sloth in the church is still thick enough to cut with a knife.

1 Peter 4v7, 'But the end of all things is at hand, therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers.'

The end is certainly at hand, and scripture tells us to be serious in our prayers.

Are we?

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 Re: Our Urgent Need of Revival in Righteousness

We have no TV but do have radio and the internet so one can listen to whatever he/she pleases.

We live in the Bible belt of the USA where there are Christian stations accessible but they are so wearisome. A lot of the stuff you can hear does little in the way of encouraging a body, soul or spirit. It gets tiresome to listen where you have to keep on your toes about what is being said: is this Biblical or not? Instead, I fill the silences with prerecorded music or meditate on Scripture read or try to figure out some sewing question. :-) This is much more edifying...

My opinion...

Sandra Miller

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 Re: Our Urgent Need of Revival in Righteousness

In His providence, the Lord let me come across this station:

They seem to have a good mix of music and teaching and I've heard Ravi Zacharias, RC Sproul, John MacArthur, as well as "Unshackled" and "Stories of Great Christians" (Those 2 are radio dramas portraying biographical sketches). I've been blessed. Perhaps it might be a blessing to you.

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