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 God Almighty and YHVH


I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the significance of God saying to Moses I am The LORD (YHVH)...that he had appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty but had not made himself known as The LORD prior to this. (Exodus 6:2-3) ?

I believe YHVH is in the Hebrew alphabet is:

Yod Hey Vav Hey, translated as Behold hand Behold Peg or nail, thought to refer to the pegs of the curtain in the tent of meeting/tabernacle, or the nails of the cross/tree.

God bless

 2011/1/11 16:41

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 Re: God Almighty and YHVH


The Hebrew letter Yod has nothing to do with HAND just as the English letter B pronounced "Bee" has nothing to do with a buzzing bee, or the letter R pronounced "are" has anything to do with the personal pronoun ARE. It is the name of the letter.

The word YHVH is Jahovah in English and it means " the self existing one" or the "I am". The letters do not need to be separated.

The verse says.
and I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, as God Almighty; but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them.
This was the first time God revealed His name YHYH to the children of Israel


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Thanks unto babes.

Let's not argue about it, this is surely a non essential that Paul was talking about. I respect your right to that opinion.

If anyone here is also looking into this? Perhaps they could just pm me.

 2011/1/11 17:41

 Re: God Almighty and YHVH

In the past I copied this note from my Newberry Bible, which specialises in notes on Hebrew, into a thread. This is an abbreviation of the full note.

'The signification is - He that always was, that always is, and that ever is to come.' Then refs in Rev with detail about tenses. Note: in the English above, he has reversed the order the meanings are embedded in the name.

'First, YEHI, "He will be" long tense.

Second, HOVE, "being", participle.

Third, HAHYAH, "He was", short tense used in the past.'

God Almighty is the English which was chosen to represent the All Sufficient One. The Hebrew is from the word for breast, and carries the meaning of us freely drawing on the completeness of His supply.

 2011/1/11 17:55

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 Re: God Almighty and YHVH

Even though Moses was a Hebrew he had been reared in the court of Pharaoh As a result he was familiar with the dozens of Egyptian gods .When he reach adulthood Moses fled to the land of Midian to escape punishment of a crime he committed. There he married the daughter of a Midian priest. In Egypt Moses learned the names of numerous gods, but he did not know the name of the God his ancestors worshiped. So when a deity spoke to Moses from the burning bush, identifying himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses asked Him to reveal His name.
Exodus 3:14 records God’s name as “I AM” while Isaiah 42:8 identifies Him as "the LORD". But in the original language the two phrases are exactly the same “I AM” and “LORD”( all capital letters) are both translated from four letters read right to left in Hebrew: Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh The English equivalents are Y or J, H,W or V and H, YHWH. Ancient Hebrew was written with consonants only, no vowels. So with the vowels added, the name “I AM” or “LORD” is Yahew (YHWH=I AM=LORD=Yahweh.) The personal name of God appears thousands of times in the original Hebrew scripture.
God responded to Moses questions about His identity with the name "I AM that I AM".
God’s revealed name is extremely significant. It is related to the Hebrew verb to exist or to be and shares the same root as the words was, is , and will be.When the LORD revealed this name to Moses he learned he was unlike the other gods he had encountered. He was not created by human hands nor was he identified with a human name. God’s name- "I AM"- sets Him totally and completely apart.
I am the LORD that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols. Isaiah 42:8

The four letters of the divine name are YHWH, known as the Tetragrammaton (a Greek word meaning "four letters" from tetra "four" and gramma "letter).
(From Knowing God by Name)

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Thanks Linn :) ...and dessertrose!

Like revelation 1:4

 2011/1/11 18:14

 Re: God Almighty and YHVH

I've just remembered Hebrew is read from right to left. Not sure if that's why Newberry put the meaning of the letters in the opposite order. I don't see why he would, as it will be read YHVH from right to left.

I was blessed to discover this detail, because I felt it significant that God's coming to us was the first impression He wanted to make on our understanding and memory.

 2011/1/11 18:25


Yes true it is read left the right!

 2011/1/11 18:28


Double posting

 2011/1/11 18:31

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AtG, DRose, or Andie.

Does any of you know why the spelling is different from Exodus 3:14.

Do you have any notes on that?
I really appreciate it.


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