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 It's very sad what's been happening on this forum of late.

i sling not barbs or arrows, nor hurl stones...because of anyone here, i bear tremendous guilt in MANY of my prior postings on this forum. i can be the worst (and have)

for that, to ANY dear saints, i have offended, stumbled, hurt, angered, with intemperate postings, please forgive me. i beg that of you all, i confess my sins, via this keyboard....just to forgive me.

i said that to ask this, say this, make this query, is it my imagination, but does it seem of late, many of the postings on this forum have got just outright WEIRD?

the prophet Haggai implored, "Consider your ways"......

i truly love this website, and it has blessed me so so much in the past, the many wonderful resources, the many dear saints i have been blessed to communicate with, to love, to pray for......just the Joy of loving Jesus together, albeit far from one another, has just blessed me and bolstered me in so many ways.

But would to God, what is going on here? am i just imagining all this? if i am, please please correct me, but it seems to me, OF LATE, i come here....and a lot of the postings are just clouds with no rain, trees with no fruit.

this inquiry is not aimed, nor asked of anyone in particular, i certainly have been of no value or utility in postings of late. Truth be told, i'm leery of posting at all, until i got this Leading to make this public inquiry.....and forgive me if i'm "off base", or "miss the mark".

in the final analysis, we're all in the same boat, struggling saints, broken vessels, repaired, justified, from all sin by the Blood of Jesus, walking out the further sanctification that is available by the Ministration of God the Holy Ghost, and yes, life is tough, the devil does prowl about, the god of this age does rule the earth....but that fetid foul lot, their days are numbered, the lake of fire awaits them. i know that, because i believe God.

We have Jesus, and praise His Name continually. who could ask for More, but the Love of Christ?

what i'm TRYING to say is this, i have given an active consideration to my ways, my words...written....on this forum. i will stand at the Judgement Seat for every word, deed, and God is going to play that humiliating DVD for me one day, may He have mercy on me.

shouldn't we all consider our words?.....if my supposition about postings of late is correct?

i wont respond further in this thread, because i'm not trying to engender any fussing. i'm asking this in deep love, thats all.

i been having a blessed time in Proverbs of late. Of all the Books in the Bible, Proverbs always scared me the most, because i get to see my sins underlined, and its rather instead, i figure, to just let Jesus minister to me, and teach me the right paths, the right way to go. I'll read Proverbs slowly a second time, with journal and pen in hand...then i reckon i want to walk thru the Gospel Accounts, nice and slow.

God has been good to me, so good. i'm a writer, and He's blessed with a book to write, which is good, because if you dont work, you dont eat.

i love you all in His Love, neil

 2011/1/6 21:11

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 Re: It's very sad what's been happening on this forum of late.



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 Re: It's very sad what's been happening on this forum of late.

I agree.

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 Re: It's very sad what's been happening on this forum of late.

I must say, I agree with what you have said.

I haven't posted or replied to any posts for weeks because of that reason.

The posts haven't been worth replying to. Something just seems 'off'.

To prayer, the Word and may God do in us what needs to be done for His glory.

God bless.

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I agree. I am not much anymore...weeks and months can go by. Its mundane to say the least now. Its not so much you post, but its more on how many will reply. I think some just post for that reason nothing else. I have really moved on from SI, the fellowship has not been there, only for the most popular. I have found a good source through FB that has been so far a blessing. I will continue to visit SI, but surely not daily anymore.

I hope it changes and it begins to be used as it was intended for.

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 Re: Could there be a spirit of contention to deal with?

Could there is a spirit of contention to deal with?

I remember some time ago, beginning to see many problems with the people around me. I found that they didn’t pray enough, weren’t concerned with holiness enough, and weren’t spiritual enough. I found that others had similar feelings. So, we got together, and began to pray together, and to speak against the lukewarmness that was so prevalent in the church. Then, we felt that it was our duty to rebuke those who were lukewarm, and we often expressed our “righteous anger” against those “lazy hypocrites”. I felt convicted that I should confront the pastor, and I was prompted by others from this group to do so. So I did. Could you imagine, it didn’t go very well… I left the matter in a fury. I thought, “I’ll just find a real church, where people are really holy and devout and praying fervently”. That task turned out to be failure. I decided it was unwise to start my own church, though I was confident that if I did, things would be much better… In the meantime, God came down to discipline me. I have never felt the power of God so much as that day He crushed me under the weight of my sin. My sin was my attitude. My sin was my self-righteous attitude. I thought I was going crazy. I was trying to work, but couldn’t get this off my mind. I thought I should be stronger than that, because I had done “the right thing” in rebuking my pastor. But the more I resisted God, the more His hand was heavy upon me. Then, after two days, I couldn’t bear it anymore! I called my pastor, leaving a message saying that I wanted to repent of my sins and make things right. He called me back that evening. I said I would drive right away to meet him. I made the trip much quicker than I had expected… We reconciled. I have often thought that the pastor probably prayed Psalm 55 against me, or at the very least, God was speaking Psalm 55 against me.

Well, nothing drastic changed in the church. Just the normal tug and pull between the forces of good and evil. I thought if only I could find those “holy people” from various churches, and unite them together in prayer, that God would move powerfully. That task was also a failure. At that point, I began to see faults in this little group of mine; I was beginning to consider them unworthy as well. It took me a while to realize my folly. God was teaching me the importance of taking my rightful place within the local church. The local church! What good could there be in this body of weak, defective, and unworthy people? Should I bear their constant tendency to run to sin? Should I tolerate their sometimes off-base doctrines? Should I overlook the full weight of their offenses? Should I pour myself out for them, though the results would not be as glamorous as the romantic dream of spirit-filled passion and holy conviction?

Well, how does God deal with me? How does God deal with the church? Do I show contempt for God’s kindness, patience, and tolerance, not realizing that God’s kindness is meant to lead us to repentance?

God has been teaching me the importance of the truth that “obedience is better than sacrifice”. Sacrifice… the spiritual endeavor of God’s people. Sacrifice… the higher duty of the pious. Sacrifice… seeking favor through acts of righteousness. Sacrifice… an addition to the common life. On the other hand, obedience… a product of salvation. Obedience… compelled by love. Obedience… the act itself is worthy, regardless of the outcomes. Obedience… which bears and forgives, and never forsakes.

If obedience is my aim, then I will bear with the “imperfect church”. If obedience is my aim, then I will be satisfied with Christ Himself. If obedience is my aim, then I will continue to serve the body of Christ, bearing their failures, forgiving sins, always giving freely without requiring anything in return. This affects my dealings with others. This affects my attitude towards the church. This affects my daily devotions. This glorifies God.

Have I fully learned this lesson? Not quite. There is still work to be done. Please bear with me, because this is just the tip of the iceberg; underneath lies Goliath. Rest assured, the lethal dose has already been administered.

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 Re: It's very sad what's been happening on this forum of late.

Coincidently, I've been grieving as well since being back on the net again. I like taking up to a year off and then when He says, "Get back on", after I've prayed for His Will alone, I'll come back on. I fear being on the net, so that is why I pray for a least a month 'after' I feel Him beginning to say, "It's time now." I almost dread it Brothers.
Since I've had a computer - half of that time I've been off of the net. On and off - on and off. I've lost count now how many times I've gone off, with my Savior's permission.

Each time I have come back on, over all of these years, I get hit harder with grief.

It's like a farmer who sees his fields producing less and less each year.

Brothers, what I'm feeling increasingly, like the weight of a tall building, is seeing the lack of His WORD, more each year. We call it the apostasy. The falling away. The making of "men's words" above His WORDS.

Why were the Israelites told to eat "the whole" of that lamb?

Now The Lamb of GOD - Who is called The WORD of GOD is being kept out of the church and are suffering the affects of malnutrition. If you know what the symptoms of malnutrition are, then you will see the condition of 'christianity' in these days.

Neil, I'm grieved to tears and it is just as hard for me to watch this as it's always been for me to watch the hungry starving people in Haiti, Zimbabwe and all over the world.
When I see 'them' - I DO something about it - even if it's just to cut back my daily intake of food and give them the prayer that they desperately need. But when it's a famine of the hearing of The WORD and "christians" are malnutritioning themselves and will not have the Power when it's desperately going to be needed, the pain may even be more because The Living Bread of Life is still with us, but we choose to eat off of other things.

We're commanded to Love His Body. We are called to "serve" in whatever capacity He calls us to. I wouldn't chop off the arm or a leg or a foot or finger from The Body of Christ.

I pray we all see each other and ourselves as servants one to another and not begin to hack away at each other's burden of service.
I pray we all continue or begin to serve up the Best Meals in Town - His WORD and no one else's - In Jesus' Name.

Thank you!

 2011/1/7 9:12

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I don't come here to much for the forum/forums, although sometimes, one might grab my attention. I come here for the other materials, Audio sermons, also some good text readings. If we depend on "man" to fulfill our needs, wants, desires we will almost always be disappointed. Probably 90% of what I have read in the forums, not including scripture, seems to be "opinions" and and also a lot of personal "interpretations". When you have a lot of opinions, no matter what the discussion is, you will have debate, that sometimes leads to arguments, and this is why I try to stay clear. If you want to come here to read, and be Blessed without the debates, read some of the text sermons, they will Bless you, and don't depend on the forums so much. I guess I don't personally see the "weird" going on, because what might seem weird to me, what I post "when I do post" might seem weird to others, I just try to read the surface of the posts, because if you try to read to deep into man's opinions, that can "sometimes" lead to confusion, or in this case, lead to "weirdness"


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 Re: It's very sad what's been happening on this forum of late.

Neil, I do agree with you.
I got so frustrated and angered at the negativity and saw many Christians bound in joyless, legalistic, religious condemnation, not enjoying life, not realising who they are and what they have in Christ, that I came off SI for many months as it was affecting me. My husband said to me 'why keep going on when it only upsets you and winds you up'
I was deeply hurt and embarrassed months ago when after I responded to a man who had insulted me with a concordance of verses calling me a fake and a false prophet with a smooth tongue, and what did I know, I was a mere woman, aarrgh!! Yet I was the one told off for my attitude - not the man, with no response when I sent a private message to explain the situation! It seemed to me that it was okay to insult as long as you did it disguised through scripture!

I returned recently after many months only to then read a posting from someone who had a bad dream and saw that his activities with his wife and family seemed so futile and a waste of time! I was again shocked and saddened at this attitude towards his wife, and told my husband that I could see why I hadn't been on and was glad that he didn't view time with me as such.

I'm glad the Lord doesn't treat time with his church - which is represented as a wife with her husband - as futile and a complete waste - where would we be then.
I certainly would not be in a deep loving relationship for the last 25 years which God intended as a lesson to the world of how much he loves us! My dad also would do anything for time with my mam again, he misses her deeply.

I just wish some Christians would be more positive, carry such joy of the Lord in them that others question and desire to have!
My daughter is asked every day at work by customers 'why are so constantly happy?''you have such sparkling eyes what is it about you?' We've even had new folk coming into church saying that they know their check out girl comes here! She too Neil, lives in the Proverbs! and studies the scripture very day.

People of the world are not attracted to folk with clouds over their heads and full of thou shalt nots! they need to see and know that there is a difference in your lives and such joy, happiness and love that they so want!

Some Christians need an in-filling of the joy of the Lord, for it is our strength, move on from the man of Romans 7, live the man of Romans 8.
Lighten up and - dare I say it - have some fun and laughter in life!

After all the horrendous trials the Lord has brought me through, the chains of sexual abuse, shame, negativity, condemnation etc that He has broken in my life! I'm determined to keep living the life of positivity and freedom that He has given me. Get a hold of the promises in His word and live them!

Neil, we will not be standing before the throne in humiliation and shame with all our sins exposed, get a hold of it! We are a gift from the father to his son! He rejoices over us with singing! We are his treasure!
He's already given mercy - Because of Jesus all things are passed away and are made new. It's going to be a reward ceremony! We will hear the 'well done faithful servant'

If you were adopted by a King or our Queen wouldn't you feels so wanted and special in that you've been chosen? Well, you've been adopted by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the creator of the universe, so lift up your head and walk tall, stop grovelling in the dust, there is now no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus, you are an heir of the father and a joint heir with his son!

If folk only just realised how special and how loved they are to God it would change lives and attitudes and the tone to many of the postings on here, and that's what is needed in the hearts of many Christians.

Ceri Elaine

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Ceri said: I just wish some Christians would be more positive, carry such joy of the Lord in them that others question and desire to have!

I could not agree more, I really think some folks when they accept Jesus Christ into their lives, feel they should live a downtrodden life, walk around like smiling might break their face. We are to be the "LIGHT" how on earth are we to be any light, when we live like, and act like being happy is a sin.
Some people want to build a house of Love, but walk around with their hammer in their hand.


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