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 The Evil that is being done to christians in United States

I have been going thru complete hell since 2000. My daughter was in the Army, I prayed that she would not go to Iraq War. With various ministries on line and via the phone. God honored that prayer. But since calling ministries for prayer. I have been harrased by various Government agencies. Number one the Army, IRS, Dept of homeland Security as well as FBI and other collaborations. There are some vile underground agencies that work together to create problems for people who don't follow their agenda.
I have been raped tortured, sexually harrased. I have been kidnapped and drugged, tapes and pictures where made of each event. I have had these pictures and tapes given and shown to family and friends. So it is a fabricated lie passed off as Truth. I am married and they are trying to do all evil to break this marriage with these underground type things. Spread lies to church ministers, and using intimidation so that they will be afraid to pray for the things done to the body. I have been denied medical care because they tell doctors not to diagnose any sickness and disease that you may have. So I have been to numerous doctors, I have lost all my hair because of torture techniques, I have been poisoned and you name it is being done. I am a married christian mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 and these things are happening in this country. I need a covering of prayer. I get death threats and torture.

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 Re: The Evil that is being done to christians in United States


Are you from Africa?

pende, after reading your post I wondered why you aren't dead! How can a person be a target of this much harassment and survive?

Just wondering....


Sandra Miller

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 Re: The Evil that is being done to christians in United States

Say, I do not know if this is true in your case but I do know this kind of thing does go on.

Read this carefully, "The only Freedom we truly have is Spirit Freedom IN Jesus Christ."

So no matter the happenings, no matter even if you get angry at God, He will still love you and take you in Heaven when it is finally over.

Many may think you're crazy, that's okay. Just be about the Love of Jesus. He died so by Faith, our physical life and tortures are by-passed, even if it does not seem like it.

Keep the Faith, it's worth it.


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Hemel Hempstead


this is horrific, can you give us more details, why?

Dominic Shiells

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