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 Praise Report

I am still so in awe of our God. Yesterday I finally made it home. The snow covered mountains made it impossible until yesterday.

I came around a corner and there was a truck in the middle of my lane on it's side and cars & a semi truck behind me. It must have just happened. I could not go to the left of it as it was blocked by other vehicles but there was a little room on the right and a huge snow bank. Anyway, I drove to the right and missed the vehicle and as I was passing a man was climbing out of the passenger side which was now the top. Glory to God! I could have hurt him really bad if I didn't move quickly. It was like the Lord took over. Angles all around us. Glory to God.

I prayed as usual before I left and I know it was the Lord who protected me. Glory and thanks to our God for He is so faithful.

Then I dropped a really nice cell phone in my dogs water while pulled over to call 911. Oh, no, totally ruined. I told the Lord I really liked this cell. My son gave it to me and has navigator on it which helps me get around.

Then a few miles down the road was another vehicle partly in my lane and on the side with a crushed in front facing the ongoing traffic. Not as bad a situation but made it through that one too.

So, I am thanking our Lord for His protection and showing me His care and love. Oh, a huge miracle. I dried out my cell & battery and prayed and this morning it is working perfectly. Thank You so very much Lord. Your awesome. All glory to You!

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 Re: Praise Report

How marvelous and how wonderful!



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 Re: Praise Report

PTL!!! What a testimony! Thank you for sharing it :)

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 Re: Praise Report


Thank you so much for sharing that testimony! Our God is an awesome God!!! Praise the Lord!



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 Re: Praise Report

Oh what a blessing it is when He allows us to see how He carries us through. It is hard to imagine what kinds of things He is protecting us from in the spiritual world!

Thank you for sharing - it warms my heart. God bless you.

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