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 News Within the News

Last Sat. morning, on Jan 1 at 2:30 AM a tornado ripped thorough our county destroying farm buildings. All of this was duly noted by the local media. The debris everywhere, the mess everywhere characteristic of such storms. But the response of the community to this storm, God's protection is what I would like to share. But before I do, let me share a few details about its destruction.

1. A 160 cow dairy was destroyed with its loafing shed and dairy barn. The roof on the loafing shed collapsed, trapping the cows inside.

2. A mobile home was shredded.

3. Two houses were severely damaged.

4. Hog barns destroyed.

The community's response to this disaster was that upon daylight several churches put it on their churchline that there was a storm and help is needed to clean up. The response was great: men came with chain saws and whatever is needed to clean up.

Of the 160 cows at this dairy, only two died because of injuries - the others were transported to other dairies for care. Local truckers had their rigs there to load up these cows and they were all milked by evening. (These cows were miserable with their udders so full of milk they were squiring milk through their teats.)

A dairy supply salesman was there early working with the owner to see if the barn can be set up to milk these cows. When it was concluded it was not in the best interests he found several dairies in N. Ms. that agreed to take these cows. This was all accomplished in a matter of a few hours.

On this same dairy, there was a mobile home that housed 6 Mexicans. The frame of this home was wrapped around the tree, debris scattered all over the fields and points in between. BUT the habitants escaped with only two of them sustaining a few scratches. Explain that, if you can!

At the hog barns, the roofs collapsed, trapping the animals inside. Early in the morning, the manager of Prestage Farms in MS was there with his crew and trucks and were loading up these hogs to take them to some neighboring barns for housing.

Most of the incidents reported in the news is that of evil, gloom and doom. While this was a disaster that struck the community with great devastation, the goodness, kindness of the local people was overwhelming, sobering and super gratifying.

Above all: there is no logical reason for these Mexicans to have survived: their house was totally shredded! Nothing was left there that would tell you there was a mobile home at this particular place. But they walked away.

Of all the people involved only two suffered any injuries and they were very minor.

Locals are left shaking their heads at the lack of injuries sustained by the people involved. Yes, God was there, protecting, demonstrating his protection in the midst of the storm - literally!

Might be a lesson here somewhere, if we are willing to learn.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: News Within the News

Thank you for this post. Praise Jesus for his mercy.


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Thank you Sister for posting this. Good News within the News is encouraging to us all. Blessings!

 2011/1/4 11:22

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