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 prayer for my friend

Hi brothers and sisters,

I went to a church service for the first time on Sunday. It was good, although I was nervous. The Paster preached a convicting message, and both him and his wife spoke to me. I think I will continue attending there.

What I wanted prayer about is my Muslim friend Gulnora. I have spoken to her about Jesus and tried to explain (very clumsily), that he is not just a prophet, but the Son of God and Messiah. Anyway at church they gave us all a copy of John's gospel to give to someone and I'm giving mine to Gulnora. and will follow up with an invitation to church.

Anyone who feels convicted, please join me in praying for Gulnora, that she realizes that the Word of God has became flesh. That God speaks to her through Johns word.

Thank you

 2011/1/3 13:07

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 Re: prayer for my friend

I will pray for Gulnora, and for you - that you will hear from the Holy Spirit just what to say, and that you will be able to show the love of Jesus in meaningful ways....

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I will pray as well with you and others. The Lord is faithful.

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 Re: prayer for my friend


I sent you a pm as well but I wanted you to know that I will be praying for Gulnora; because of your love for her, she's already won!! I believe it and it will become a reality very soon!

God bless you,


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