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 Revival Library Concert of Prayer - Prayer Guide for January 2011

I received this today in my email and wanted to share it. How awesome if we would all be praying in unison.

A Happy and God-blessed New Year to all of you!

What better way to start off the New Year than to join in the Revival Library Concert of Prayer for Revival.

Each month we will send you a prayer guide to help you pray intentionally, strategically and systematically for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your church, city and nation.

Pray about it and make a fresh commitment today to this global prayer movement to pray just one hour, on the first Sunday of each month to seek God for Revival.

If Sunday is difficult to find time, pray the hour on Monday, or another day. We also recommend fasting – evening and morning – which is the evening of the preceding day until the evening meal after the prayer time. But feel free to be flexible with this, or adapt it to suit your schedule. (See the fasting paper - under 'Newsletter Articles').

We will provide monthly suggestions regarding revival-related issues to pray for and will provide subscribers with a password protected forum where they can link up with others in their nation or area for concerted prayer where they live.
Revival Library Concert of Prayer - Prayer Guide for January 2011

Here are some ideas to start with:
Spend time in personal prayer. Prayer must be a priority in your life as a believer if you are to pray effectively in unison with others.

Seek a person or a group to pray with. Many of you will already belong to a prayer group or have a prayer partner. If you haven’t you can start on your own and know that you are partnering with hundreds of others sharing in this initiative.

Choose a time and place to pray consistently. If you know of others who might be interested let them know what you are doing and invite them to your Revival Prayer Meeting. (Check this is OK with your leaders first!)

Pray specifically. Each month we will provide an outline of suggested prayer topics which you can apply to your own situation. These will be revival-related and will focus on the awakening of the church and the empowerment of evangelism.

This month’s topics. Spend some minutes on each of these issues in turn, thinking through what each of them mean and how they apply to your situation. These are suggested prayer themes for corporate prayer meetings adapted from those used by David Bryant’s ‘Proclaim Hope’ prayer movement. They are the most comprehensive and succinct that we have seen.

Praise God for all that He is already doing and all He is preparing to do.
Praising God for every evidence of Christ already at work in renewing the lives of individuals.
Praise God for every evidence of Christ’s renewing power in your local church, or churches.
Praising God for His renewing work in your city, nation, and world.

Confess and repent of sins of the Church and of your nation. These will include sins that are keeping us from experiencing revival.
Confess and repent of any sins you are, or have been, personally involved in.
Confess and repent of any sins of actions and attitudes, of your local church.
Ask God to convict the world-wide church of behaviour which requires confession and repentance and which obstruct the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Having dealt with the challenges to spiritual awakening and world evangelization within the Church through our prayers of repentance, we must now face the battles on the outside of the Church.
Satan is ready at many points to oppose the hope that God has set before us, and in which we so greatly rejoice. His attacks must be resisted in united prayer.

During this time you should seek the Father together to bring Christ’s victorious reign to bear upon the powers of darkness and upon all of their schemes and endeavours to thwart the advance of God’s Church and its mission in the world.

Do not pray to Satan, but instead to invite God to come and fight the battle against our enemy.

Ask God to reveal what the enemy is doing to try to hinder the work of revival and mission outside the Church, then pray accordingly.
Pray for front-line Christian leadership who will be under intensive spiritual attack.
Pray for God to release His light in the church and world, to displace Satan’s darkness.

Pray for the millions of believers that have been lost from the church over the years.
Pray for spiritual awakening in the body of Christ locally, in your denomination or movement and worldwide.
Pray for a restoration of the Holy Spirit’s gifts and the ministries of the risen Christ to the church.
Pray for a restoration of broken relationships, for a new unity across the church.
Pray for a greater fullness of Christ and His powerful works inside our lives and in our churches.
Pray for outpourings of His Spirit that have been withheld or lost.

Pray for an accelerated fulfilment of Christ’s mission through His church within your city, your nation and among the nations.
Pray for a fresh empowerment of prayer and effective evangelism throughout the church .
Pray for new opportunities and openness with families, friends and acquaintances.
Pray for all evangelistic events and groups in your local church.
Pray for your denomination’s or your movement’s missionaries wherever they are.

Ask God to give you a fresh call and anointing for specific ministry in the church or in the world.
Ask God for a spirit of supplication which will empower and sustain your prayer ministry.

Wait on God for a fresh sense of call upon your life.
Re-commit your life to seeking first the Kingdom of God in every area –your home, your work, your church, your locality and your nation.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations for ever and ever! Amen.

We have found that praying systematically keeps us on track, feeds us with suggestive ideas and enables a sense of concentrated and united prayer in a way that spontaneous, unstructured prayer does not.

You can use this list once a month, but feel free to use it weekly or even daily.

By February 2011 we will have a password-protected forum where you will be able to connect with other prayer warriors in your nation or sphere of influence (pastors, missionaries, educationalists etc) and where you can get involved in discussion groups for revival related issues.

Tony Cauchi
Revival Librarian

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