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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : prayer for salvation

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I went offline and called to check on my 92 yr old Dad. He lives in the building next door to me. He needs The LORD but he's fed his mind on "science" all of his life and it's hard for him to grasp "the simplicity of Christ". He tells folks that he's catholic, but he really isn't - just an "agnostic", he says.

Anyway, before I called him, I went offline to pray and your post wouldn't leave me alone, so I just prayed... Then I called Dad. He mentioned watching a lot of TV and said, "What else is there to do?" - I said, "Maybe read the Bible?" -- I didn't know what else to answer him with. I've sent him much when we lived away from each other -- but Thank GOD, he answered me with a different spirit than he did in the past - he said, "It confuses me." -- I got a shot of hope in my heart and smiled and told him, "We'll fix that." Praise GOD. Little by little since I moved here to be of help to him (I've been away from my family for 38 yrs) I'm seeing little rays of light now from his direction. Bless GOD! (Please keep him in your prayers if you would) and for me to have the physical strength to do whatever all I'm here for. Appreciated!!

So then, after he said that, I went to my book shelf to see if I had anything left that was written in larger print and easy to understand for a non-believer. Instead a book fell open that made my mind go back to your prayer again.

The book is called "Your Life In GOD" by R. A. Torrey, one of my favorite guys. It was chpt 5 that opened up. Boy, it sure blessed me.

I did a search online and found the whole of that chpt here -

Other than that John - I believe that somewhere along the way that you've swallowed a lie regarding yourself ... just my opinion ... and that every time that a feeling or thought that offends comes to mind, you should call it a lie and refuse to except it as coming from you - but as an attack of thoughts & feelings that want to convince you of these things, as originating from yourself. All anyone can do is hang on for dear life during these assaults on the mind and "do the right thing" regardless. Pro 16:3 Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

I'll end it here and I pray you gain hope by knowing that there are people rooting for you during this period of temptation to doubt and are standing for you in prayer as well.
The LORD Bless you & Keep you.

 2011/1/8 16:42

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Brethren, I believe we must be careful in pronouncing someone saved when we do not see enough fruit in their walk. Ultimately only God knows who is or isn't really saved, for He alone truly sees where our heart is, whether toward Him or toward the world.

That said, the Bible does promise that we can have assurance of salvation(1John5:13); especially recommended reading would be Johns writings, as well as our Lord's sermon on the mount.

Our Lord said a tree is known by its fruit and we will know them by their fruit. True believers are called to be "fruit inspectors" so to. If someone seems to show fruit I believe we are safe in saying that they seem to know the Lord, or even believe that they are saved. But I do not believe we are safe to say that we know for sure that they are saved, for we do not see their heart like God does.

If we do not see enough fruit in the life of someone who claims to know Christ I believe it is our duty to warn them if we know them or speak to them. This kind of warning is throughout Scripture. But by and large we have neglected that kind of warning and duty, to the destruction of multitudes of souls in our churches.

One of the greatest deceptions in this generation has been in the area of quickly pronouncing someone saved, simply for going forward at altar calls, saying a sinners prayer, going to church, reading the Word, knowing Christianese lingo, etc.

bible4life and wayneman, I cannot say for sure whether or not you are truly saved, God knows and will show you. bible4life I can say that I do not believe you or anyone like you has committed the unpardonable sin, else you would not even be concerned about it. There is still hope for you to be saved and have assurance.

I would simply encourage you to keep seeking knocking and asking Him to reveal Himself in truth to you. Find a place to get alone with Him and cry out to Him to give you the new birth if you do not have it, and to give you assurance of salvation when you receive it.

When your receive the new birth the chains of sin are broken and you are set free from the dominion of sin in your life(Rom.6:14). Not saying sinless perfection but a continual growth in love and holiness unto the Lord. I will be praying for you both. God bless.

P.S. I would also recommend listening to "True and False Conversion" by Ray Comfort and "Examine Yourself" by Paul Washer, if you have not listened to them.


 2011/1/8 18:25Profile


Yes Oracio that is a good point. We cannot judge someone's salvation. I just think often satan will try to convince us that God isn't faithful to his convenant promises.

 2011/1/8 18:42

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