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 Concerning false Prophets and Antichrists. by George Fox

False Prophets and Antichrists are much talked of in this part of the World called Christendom, and they bring the 7th. Chapter and 24th. Chapter of Matthew, and say, they are come but now.

To which I answer, Christ said they should come, that Antichrist and false Prophets should come; to the Disciples He said they shall come to you, meaning His Disciples; and he gave them the Markes how they should know them: A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit, neither can a good tree bring forth evil fruit; but yet if it were possible, they should deceive the very Elect; For they should have the Sheeps cloathing; but He bid, they should not go after them, for they were inwardly ravening Wolves, having the Sheeps cloathing: And these were the Antichrists, and false Prophets, false Christs, and Deceivers that ravened inwardly from the Light, and so from the Seed, the true Christ. And as Christ said they should come to his Disciples, before his Disciples decease they did come; as may be read in John's first Epistle, Chap. 4. and Chap. 2. Who saith, Little children I write unto you, it is the last time whereof ye have heard say that Antichrist should come, even now are there many Antichrists and false Prophets already gone out into the World. So Christ had said before they should come, and his Disciples said they were come, who went from them, being inwardly ravened from the spirit, which is sixteen hundred years since; and John which saw they were come, kept the Saints to the anointing in them, and told them that they needed no man to teach them, but as that did teach them, they should continue in the Father and in the Son.

And so these Antichrists, false Prophets, Wolves, false Christs, inward raveners, should bear Briars, Thornes, Thistles, which Christ said should come his Disciples said were come, which went forth from them into the World. And in the Revelations it is said, all the world went after them; so they went from the Church-fellowship, the Gospel, they went from the fellowship of the Spirit, being inwardly ravened from it; They went from the Anointing within to teach; they went from the Law in the heart the New Covenant, they went from the Kingdom within, they went from the Word in the heart to obey and do, they went from the Light in the heart, which gives the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus.

And so they lost the Pearl hid in the field, the Word in their hearts, and so the false Prophets, going from the Apostles; in the Revelations, the world is going after them; so John wrote to the seven Churches which were going astray suffering Jezebel to teach: and setting up Idols, and such as said they were Jews and were not, but the Synagogues of Satan. He goes on in his Revelations, till he comes to the 11. Chapter, where the Witnesses are slain, the two Olive Trees that bear the Oyle to anoint the Nations; the two Candlesticks that bears the Light: And in the 12. of the Revelations, The Woman, the true Church, fled into the VVilderness prepared her of God, and to be fed there for a time, and times, and half a time: And in the 13. of the Revelations, The Dragon gave his Power to the Beast, and the Beast with the Dragons Power made VVar with the Saints, and killed those that were of the remnant of her Seed, which kept the Testimony of Jesus, the Spirit of Prophecy, which were in that the inwardly Raveners were gone from. Than all that dwelt upon the Earth worshipped the Beast, and worshipped the Dragon, and caused and compelled both small and great; And here came up the compelling to Worship, then the false Church the Whore, got up upon the Beast in the Dragons power, and caused all Nations to drink her Cup; here came up the Whore that went from the Apostles, out of their Life, Power & Spirit.

And fornication was before the Nations could be married to Christ, they took this Whores Cup of fornication, and the Saints and Martyrs which were not the inward raveners, which could not drink her Cup she drank their blood, even of the Saints and Prophets which kept the Testimony of Jesus, which did not inwardly raven; and so such work as this hath been set up these fifteen hundred years, killing and slaying: for these spread over all Nations, as the Apostles were to go over all Nations, and this work have the Wolves in sheeps clothing made the inwardly raveners from the Spirit of God whose fruits are Briars, and Thornes, and this work have they made since the Apostles dayes, who have ravened from the Life and Power; having the Sheeps words, the Scriptures, but not in the Power which gave them forth; therefore are they so thorny and briary, who have worried and killed the Lambs, and compelled to Worship, and forced about Religion, and Maintenance, which was not the work of the Apostles.

And so John said again, the Beast should be taken, and the Dragon, and the false Prophet which deceived the Nations, that Christ said should come, and John said was come, which went forth from them; and since the World hath gone after them about this fifteen hundred years; which Beast and false Prophet shall be taken and cast into the lake of Fire, and must deceive the Nations no more.

And the Whore, the Great Whore, which hath compelled all Nations to Drink her Cup of Fornication, which hath drunk the Blood of the Saints, should be taken even in her drunkenness, in whom the Blood of the Prophets and Martyrs is; whose Flesh must be burnt with Fire; And Babylon shall be confounded, and all the Merchants that Trade with her shall howl and cry, Alas, how is the Great City fallen! for in this Great City hath the Trading been, which must be cast down, and all the Merchants of this Great City have been the inwardly Raveners from the Spirit of God, who hath built up and thrown down; So to that which they Ravened from, must all come, before the Sheeps Life can be known; and so the Witnesses are risen, and rising, which hold the Light, and bear the Oyl to give Light to the Nations, and anoint them with the Spirit and Power that the Apostles were in, and Fellowship and Worship; And the cry begins, Fear God, give Glory to him; Come out of her, my People, lest ye be pertakers of her Plagues; and the Reapers are going forth; and the Prophets prophesie, witnessing the Lords Spirit poured forth upon them, as it was among the Apostles, and the Everlasting Gospel Preached again to all Nations, Kindreds, Tongues, and People.

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