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By Lahry Sibley

1 Cor 15: 50 But I tell you this, brethren, flesh and blood cannot [become partakers of eternal salvation and] inherit or share in the kingdom of God; nor does the perishable (that which is decaying) inherit or share in the imperishable (the immortal).

These “vehicles” we find ourselves trapped inside of each day, our earthly bodies, cannot and will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Rom 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Our bodies have been corrupted by sin and cannot enter into this kingdom of righteousness, heart peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.The only remedy is faith, faith that leads one to go to the cross with Christ for death to self and sin. Flesh cannot be converted. Flesh is unchanged at conversion. “So where does the action take place?” Good question.

The “action” takes place in the spirit. The body of flesh is the tabernacle of the spirit of a man. The spirit cannot be seen, yet it’s presence is undeniable. The individuality of man, created in the image of God (spirit being) is his/her spirit. It is the control center that directs the brain, and the brain the various parts of the body to do as we desire. It is in this realm of “desire” that determines the motivating force for the use of our time here on earth.

Even in carnal men, all desires are not wicked, in and of themselves, but they are self motivated. Desires for food and shelter are motivators for activities related to careers and so forth. A place where desires really come into prominence is in our spare time, time to do as we choose.

Tragically and undeniably, we all have made bad choices. We’ve all sinned. Some, like me, have made more than can even imagined. When Forrest Gump’s mama said, “stupid is as stupid does”, she had to be talking about me. Well, thank God it’s not over till it’s over. Thank God for His longsuffering, mercy, grace, patience, kindness, and goodness.

So our bad choices have led us to sin. Sin is all unrighteousness, willful transgression of God’s moral law, and to know to do good and not do it. Paul tells us “all have sinned.” That’s not “news”, for we all know we have. We have corrupted our vessel, and the wages of our corrupted and selfish activities is DEATH.

We all know that this “sin”(whatever and how many they may be) made us enemies of God. James said those who love the world, are enemies of God.

It is because of sin that death came into the world. The death that was incurred and passed down from Adam is death to flesh, and death to spirit. Now we know our flesh is still alive and we know our spirit lives also. We also understand that now, flesh will die and return to dust. But we also know that the spirit of man was created to live forever and ever. Originally, it was created to live with God forever and ever, until Adam and Eve made a wrong choice. Separation from God was the result and separation continued until Yah’shua uttered the most incredible words of all time, “IT IS FINISHED” . From that moment till the present, there has been an open door for man to re-establish his/her unity with God in the spirit man. The WRATH that we DESERVED, was laid upon our Savior, and He redeemed us from the curse with His own shed blood.

Our text today says that the flesh and blood of man cannot inherit the kingdom of God. But the spirit man within can. How? By submitting ourselves for sacrifice, not to justify, but to ratify the covenant of God. We enter into death by faith in the justification provided by His Son. We deny ourselves. We crucify ourselves, by faith, with Christ. We give no occasion to the flesh. But all these things by themselves are religious and worthless. Here’s why. Paul said,

Php 2:13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Paul said that God places in us new desires. The old man could only desire self pacification, ever seeking to satisfy his/her own lusts. But even if a person is strong willed enough to keep God’s commandments without fail, it is not enough to make peace between God and man. That was done on the Cross. We become partakers of the benefit of the Cross when we submit our own lives for death. In Galatians we read …..

Gal 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

So we make a choice to go to the cross for death to self, death to fleshly desires, death to wrong choices, death to self gratification. We, by faith, give up our life, according to Paul, and then it is no longer we who live, but CHRIST OUR LORD who lives in us.

It is His presence in us that causes an amazing miracle to take place. The things we once loved, we now hate, and those things of God we used to despise we are now drawn too and in too. If God does not work salvation in you, you are not saved. Salvation is a work of God. Obedience unto death is the first divine motivated act of a believer, who’s belief takes him/her to the Cross for death. We die, so He can live in us. No death, no life. Christ will not enter into a religious man. He can only enter into a dead man, dead to sin, then alive unto God. Halleluyah.

So how do we know we have His presence inside of us? Our desires change. We set our heart to obey God, not to be justified, but because He has justified us. We are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves to righteousness. Righteousness becomes who we are, and it demonstrates beyond question “Whose” we are. Glory to God.

The flesh, this vehicle we live in, becomes the tabernacle of God Himself living in us. As good and as joyful as that is, it’s not the tabernacle that is anything, but the Spirit within that is all in all. The tabernacle will die, the spirit will live forever. The question is where.

May I ask you that question today? Where will you spend eternity? There are only two choices, Jesus defined them both and here they are…..

Mat 25:46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

See, the question is not whether you will live eternally or not. The question is where you will spend eternity. To submit yourself for death with Christ on the Cross, is to repent. If you do not repent, ……you will be punished without end.

Some ask, how can God punish someone forever, that is so unbelievably cruel. Friend, you just don’t realize how deplorable SIN is to God!!! Furthermore, God was not obligated to save anyone. Selah. His goodness and His good pleasure drove Him to lay His wrath that we deserved on the back of His Son and upon His head. Rebellion against God is rebellion against the most incredible act of love that will ever be. Redemption is offered, but you have to choose to take it. So it all boils down to a simple truth, REPENT!!! Or PERISH!!! Where will YOU spend eternity? - Lahry


Lahry Sibley

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