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South Africa

 Scary surveillance in the US

What do you think of these things:

Scary stuff I think. Why would they spy on their own people to that extent?

Clearly the new world order is speeding things up.


 2010/12/24 4:58Profile

 Re: Scary surveillance in the US

With my Server, I can't get youtubes etc but I've heard of these things - seeing every move of incrementalization, gradualization, the analogy of boiling the frog by putting him in cool water and turning on the heat 'slowly' until he falls asleep and then just dies.
Years of hearing it all without trying to and then finding out that christians are the ostriches of the world and the powers-that-be laughing at us, because we don't have a clue what has been coming down in this country and globally. Yet we Christians claim to be in a step above the world because of our Bible and the indwelling Spirit of Truth.
It wasn't that way in the OT. Israel's enemies thought that Israel had "spies in the camp" - though at that point, they did not - but because they were right with GOD at that time - HE let them know what was transpiring and who was conspiring around them.

If GOD Himself lets you see, hear and read of these things for decades without you even 'trying' to find these things out and then you try to sound the alarm/warn, you'll be accused of not having your mind "in heavenly places and on the things of this world" - at the very least - but we've heard worse accusations from those who love their present comfort zone more than reality.
So most will not only reject these topics but you as well.
It spoils the good times and feelings that we prefer to enjoy. Don't rock the boat.... tell us good things, such as "peace, peace" -- "Are you trying to scare us?"

Not only do we not understand the full impact of globalization but we don't even know who is 'for' it and against "us".
These tyrants that are behind global-depopulation and making slaves of those left alive, actually do believe that Christians are the most gullible/blind humans on earth and laugh at us for believing their lies & deceptions and in some cases "Admire these men/women".

If the people prefer to be taken by surprise and to be fooled by men who come with wishes of "good will" - these topics cannot be forced upon those that you love in Christ without them turning on you.... As if, just because you are presenting these things, than YOU are 'making' them happen -- which is a trick of the mind that's in denial or chooses to not hear anything negative or 'scarey' as you've called these things.

I'd rather be forewarned - I don't like surprises, especially bad ones & our GOD has promised that NOTHING will happen without Him revealing it to His prophets and any/all sheep that truly want to hear Him - (if we don't silence them).
I've put my trust 100% in those verses and know He would not have any of us to be "taken by surprise".
Great Peace in this - NO FEAR in knowing all of what is transpiring globally - past, present & future tense - rather than having His people perish from a lack of knowledge... 'How'? - by trusting in leaders who are inwardly globalists - And what is a globalist? - a person who sees a one-world governance & leader, eventually seated in Jerusalem and the extermination (or worse) of those who don't go along to get along. Most of us would be shocked at who some of these people are that are working on that agenda.

It 'is' easier to not talk about what you might hear or know - but is it "Love" to keep it quiet? I don't know but I suppose that time will tell.

 2010/12/24 8:59


I looked at your title again of this thread and laughed to myself - actually knowing about surveillance since 1994 has been just another thing that GOD uses to say to us - "If you're not doing anything wrong - who cares!"

Ever since, I've had a peace because it's more important that GOD Himself not only hears and sees all that I do, but HE also knows my every thought.
Talk about surveillance. Super surveillance. :) Bless GOD!

 2010/12/24 9:10

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 Re: Scary surveillance in the US

I do not know why they would want to bother using this expensive equipment when much cheaper means are available. Maybe they just want to make sure their bases are all covered. AND if there is a breakdown of any one system they will have some backup.

Or, maybe, the reasons security agencies are using this surveillance equipment is because these technology firms have some smooth talking salesmen who have a lot of tech toys to sell...

You have Facebook where people reveal so much personal info about themselves. I am told that the privacy setting are no barrier to the most intrusive persons.

Then you have cell phones. All conversations are on record somewhere. If any gov official wants to know who you talked to, what was said, they can access it. My newest phone has a GPS feature....have no clue how to activate it but I am sure it could be done without my cooperation which means I could be found if I am 'lost'.

Given this reality is it not telling they still have criminals on the run? Ah, need an ID chip embedded in each and every person....Would be a lot cheaper and easier.. unless have some stubborn Christians bucking the system...


Sandra Miller

 2010/12/24 9:31Profile


Amen GinnyRose - yet I know that you agree that we can laugh at the devil, because he NEEDS 'technology' to 'control the masses' and because these globalists are paranoids. Folks who are on power-trips are always paranoid. They MUST be in complete control. Their 'god' satan is NOT "omniscient & omnipresent" so he NEEDS technology to know where and what us inhabitants of what they believe is 'their' planet are doing or just saying against them - just for the sake of having some power to be the gods of this world (for now :). How small will satan be when the King of Glory shows Himself - splitting the sky - and EVERY eye will see HIM - without technology, such as project bluebeam or needing television to be seen by every eye.

The WORD of GOD says "GOD laughs" and also that in the end, the Saints laugh at the puniness of those who truly believe that the earth and space belong to them. Oh how temporarily!
And that's the message that they hate us for. Our eschatology is what they hate the most. They gnash their teeth hearing that The KING of kings is returning one day to RETAKE HIS creation - earth.

What a strong delusion these paranoid power mongers are under.

btw - I do pray for them all. While there is still breath in any one of them - to acknowledge the One True GOD, Who so Loved the world that HE came once so far, to die for them/us all.

 2010/12/24 10:42

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Scary surveillance in the US


Please don’t waste anymore of your precious time on watching that stuff; it takes our eyes off of Christ and puts our eyes on the craziness of the world. If you think it crazy or scary now, it’s going to be more so in a few more years if the Lord tarries.

Hopefully by that time we will have trained our hearts and minds off of these things of the world and onto listening to the Holy Spirit. Remember, He is our guide and will lead us into all truth! Amos 3.7 tells us, “surely the lord GOD does nothing, without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.”

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusts in Thee.” Isaiah 26.3

God bless you,


 2010/12/24 11:21Profile


Hey Lysa. You just confirmed my first post - even quoting the same Scriptures, but I ask you - how do you know that this is Not GOD "revealing" events & where they are headed to His Sheep - as the two Scriptures that you and I both mentioned promise?

Editing to add the rest of that verse from John 16:13

......... and he will shew you things to come.

By any means He chooses.

 2010/12/24 12:08

Joined: 2008/10/25
Posts: 3421
This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Scary surveillance in the US

Jesus-is-God wrote:
Hey Lysa. You just confirmed my first post - even quoting the same Scriptures, but I ask you - how do you know that this is Not GOD "revealing" events & where they are headed to His Sheep - as the two Scriptures that you and I both mentioned promise?

If it causes fear to rise up in a person of the things that are coming upon the earth; God is not in it, plain and simple.

Luke 21.26 says plainly that men’s hearts will fail, “them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth...” I do not believe that this verse is reserved for just before the time Christ returns... it is happening today, everyday - men's hearts failing them.

People are being overcome by information overload - all the chaos on TV and the Internet and 95% of it is J.U.N.K.; there is nothing in any of it that helps us walk holier with our God. (I speak for myself). ((Besides, there are much more important things to be teaching and preaching on than that stuff, just takes up important brain space!!))

I believe if I am walking where I’m supposed to be walking with the Holy Spirit, I trust and rely on Him to tell me what I need to know... until then I will go as the song says, “As I journey through this land, singing as I go, pointing souls to Calvary through the crimson flow; many arrows pierce my soul from without, within, but my Lord leads me on, through Him I must win,” (O I Want to See Him).

God bless,


 2010/12/24 13:52Profile

 Re: Scary surveillance in the US

dear brother,
i got something much..."better" for you.

the reason i even deign to use the word "better" is twofold, first on your link, the poster is "prophetic seer". Its my firm conviction that when anyone, ANYONE, says they are a 'prophet' or "prophetic"...RUN.

secondly, here in the States, Wal Mart parking lots have acted as magnets for criminals. There has been much hue and cry over this, the company is concerned, customers frightened, law enforcement aware. i thank you for the link, but the depth and width of the surveillance society is much more than anyone can imagine.

in the Bible, the 'god of this age' is referenced. a few years back i watched a BBC documentary entitled, "The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear".

It's very concise and clear, and in my opinion does not have ideological baggage clinging to it. (believe it or not) i will post up only the first segment of volumne one, there are three volumnes.

and if you want, you can just follow the links, this first part is about Sayed Qotb, who many regard as the ideological father of what is called Al-Quaeda...or the "Muslim brotherhood".

if one watches this with the soulset of "in this world, but not of it", it may illuminate, thats my prayer. No fear, Faith in Messiah, neil

 2010/12/24 15:10


Hi Lisa. If it is a 'reality' that causes fear than the person needs to get alone with GOD until He can show them how BIG He is.

We cannot hide everything that is happening on this earth because "Christians" get "fearful".

I found that being exposed to these things has only made me stronger and stronger.

I never intentionally searched out these type topics 30 yrs ago - about how the new world order is progressing - these things were being dropped in my lap. I just wanted to be a missionary or just care for the sick - but here it came back in 1980 by the truck loads.
Why? - I felt that the LORD did not want me to be deceived.

Now - watching television is a total waste of time and I find that MOST watch that thing, which is 100% Non-Reality and yet they'll run from reality. I can see the devil's hand in that.

Only unsaved men's hearts will fail them for fear and those who have been playing ostrich for far too many years.

To be forewarned is to be spiritually and emotionally forearmed... and I say that from my own personal experience.
I'm just a little woman like you - but I've heard things that floor me at times - and not even looking to hear or read these things. Why GOD would have me, of all people, the most timid to be exposed to the worst of the worst - I can only venture to say is that it is 'because' I appear timid and sound timid yet because I've been exposed to so much of the evils that have been and are happening world wide, I AM NOT AFRAID. People see this little aging lady with a stupid small voice and ask, "Aren't you Afraid?" and I can smile and say "No - My Redeemer Liveth and He's coming back to end this all."
I've been with folks who bring up these "scarey" topics and can sit there calmly smiling until the door opens in the conversation for me to share the Last Days Scenario and they're amazed at His Word that has predicted all these things. It's worked more than you'll know as an evangelism tool as well.

I will not watch television. I'm a strong believer in fasting for long periods and wrestling with GOD (so to speak) until I can catch a glimpse of His Glory --- His Mind -- His burdens.
I do believe in visions of future events, but there are far too many out there that are counterfeit.

We talked about Watchman on another thread and sometimes GOD will call the least likely among us to 'watch' so that when the time or conversation comes up - we can give them "the reason for our hope."
We're not "scared". We've seen the vision of the last days in it's entirety and can declare it - but for the Love and Protection of the weaker saints. GOD chooses the foolish things of this world to show that lack of fear because He's shown them the full picture of the present and future.

I've never needed to go digging for 'junk' - without asking for it - it's always been dropped in my lap - and I've dealt with all the dreadfulness already by straightening up and listening to my Good Shepherd.

Information overload is because folks are watching TV and going to the wrong internet sites and playing around in the world.

If GOD was worried about "causing fear" than HE would have never written all that in the O.T. and New about the Last Days. One need not go any further than those prophecies.
We 'will' be hated by the entire world. We will have to go through persecution. There will be a tracking and data base system on all of us (already is) just as His Word says, we will see a holocost world wide, we will see all that is written concerning these days - but avoiding news of these things happening already should not be a cause of fear for any Saint that stays in His Word and on their face before Him.

This calls for patient endurance of the Saints. I feel in my heart a love for His Body and I feel it's time to say, that it's time now, to face these prophetic verses in our Bibles and toughen up until we feel Faith building in us, making us the ones that the fearful and weak can turn to in the days ahead. Glory to HIM alone!

 2010/12/24 16:01

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