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 Praising the God of new life :)

My best friend and her husband were told that their chances of conceiving naturally were medically negligible. He had had cancer, and she had her own very serious medical concerns. In the vein of James 1:27, they already had a desire to include adopted children in their family - so re-appropriated their "family fund" to be an "adoption fund."

They have servants' hearts - both of them - and cut their Thanksgiving visit with family out-of-state short in order to welcome and house a visiting pastor. That weekend, he laid hands on them, praying that God would grant them a child.

And He did. She is almost four weeks into a very healthy pregnancy! :)

Please pray for her continued health, and for God to guide them as they embark on the great journey of parenthood!

Mary M.

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 Re: Praising the God of new life :)

Praise God. wonderful. He is the giver of life.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Hallelujah! The joy and humble thankful hearts they must be having right now. Glory to God. Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing. I will continue to pray as well. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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Amen! What a blessing this post is. Praise the LORD, He is so good!

Lori Jean Mooney

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 Re: Praising the God of new life :)

Praise be to God! What awesome news that is!

Oh Gracious Father, what a great God you are. You are awesome in Your holiness and power. You have blessed Your servants with a healthy pregnancy and now I pray that You will continue to keep the baby and mother healthy. As the baby continues to grow and is born, I pray that You will be the strength they need to cope with the demands of parenthood. Lord, be with this couple, keep them safe and may the child always be a reminder of the great, miracle working God we serve and love. To Him be the glory always! Amen


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 Re: Praising the God of new life :)

Thank you, Lord our God! You do all things well...

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 Re: Praising the God of new life :)

Please pray for her continued health, and for God to guide them as they embark on the great journey of parenthood!

This should not be underrated...just because there is a pregnancy now does not mean there will be one in 7/8 months - much prayer is now just as essential as it was 6 weeks ago.

I wish them the best...


Sandra Miller

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