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 A call to prayer at nre years eve

In Sweden the methodist Pastor Berndt Isaksson have put up an call for prayer
at new year eve 6 pm-until the new year
6 hours of prayer.
We underground people who do not go to the churches anymore
will pray for our country others will pray also there are stil some godly churches left..

I hope we could do this in every country in the world.
We are not to give up hope even if there are many deceptions and its getting worse and worse.
the current situation is getting darker and darker.
my country just faced the first terrorist ever.
we have corruption more then ever.
this is a warning from God that Judgement is at the door.
We need to Pray for our conutry and for the world.

I think the situation is the same all over the world.
therefore I wanna Put up this call for Prayer
I want to encourage you all to use the last 6 hours of this year to pray for your own country that God will show mercy.


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 Re: A call to prayer at nre years eve

Thank you for this call to prayer....I feel the same burden every year (though it is really a daily burden), and will join you in prayer as I am able. In these dark days it is such a joy to be linked with other believers all over the world. God has called out His people. I believe we are on the brink of incredible persecution for our faith - persecution that those of us in the western countries have never seen. May we stand firm and not waiver in our faith. May we be salt and light to this dark world. May we not be deceived as so many are. May we show the incredible love of Christ to those God has placed in our lives. God promises to hear the prayers of His people!

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I will be praying as well. Glory to God. I attended this little Church where 99% of the people were African Americans. We would gather in the Church building around 7pm. We would worship and give testimonies and pray. The women would also go into another room and the men in another and we would literally wash each others feet. This is a very humbling experience. We would worship and pray in the new year. It was a most beautiful time in the Presence of the Lord. Glory to God. And they are still doing it this day. I am not in this town but again due to snow in the passes I will be home alone and honored to be praying with you all. Glory to God.

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